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  1. List of stats for new plate armors?
  2. Betrayal
  3. Charm slot
  4. Charm slot
  5. Charm slot
  6. Hex dolls for a pally
  7. a noob question about the pally class(im sure it was asked before)
  8. Next Step?
  9. Stuck Paladin
  10. + deflection on shield + protection factor = more protection factor?
  11. Anyone as sick of this as I am?
  12. Tough aa question
  13. WoW transplant has question about Pallys
  14. Relic armor jems
  15. Having ftrouble with aa's
  16. Trouble Pulling After Last Update?
  17. Another Relic Armor question
  18. Question about Combat Leadership?
  19. Paladin alt right for me?
  20. Level 13 Pally could really use some advice on surviving pvp :)
  21. Help with Armor
  22. amends in pvp
  23. Wildorf Rocks
  24. Rakleklo Runeblade of the Doomflight
  25. 44 Master II help
  26. I Love Intercept...
  27. How desirable Are Paladins in Raids/Groups/Guilds
  28. Paladin: Prayer of Consecration - Post LU# 25
  29. GU25 change not previously announced
  30. agi line: do you need the speed buff?
  31. Is there a stat that increases melee and healing crits?
  32. Quested Pali Helm
  33. Armor with High Mitigation in T7?
  34. What have you tanked in t7?
  35. Paladins seem to be weak..
  36. Time for a change...
  37. Screenshots of Xegonite Tower and Kite shields?
  38. Paladin Solo Tactics
  39. Spells and Combat Arts that are affected by Spell Criticals
  40. TU 26a... WOOT!
  41. When does a pally hit his/her stride?
  42. How important is Int to a pally these days?
  43. complete list??
  44. No Essances Made last night
  45. Able to Chain Amends?
  46. Equipment Requirements of Paladin AAs
  47. Paladin Mechanics
  48. Castigate + Divine Bolt Damage?
  49. Thnx for advice on AA, went INT (crits) & STA
  50. Divine Aura
  51. Spell Animations for AA lines...
  52. Paladin that just groups needs help with AA's
  53. Holding Aggro with Multiple casters!
  54. Weapon Graphics
  55. Up to date spells and combats?
  56. Question about non-raiding paladin.
  57. Wisdom or Inteligance
  58. Fabled two hander is HoF
  59. Where did you find Faithful Benidiction Master (Defensive Stance)?
  60. Paladins in PvP
  61. When to upgrade..
  62. Probably a foolish question about chasing an opponent with an imbued wand in pvp combat ?
  63. Yes..another AA question (pvp)
  64. Miti advice
  65. Guardian new class helm
  66. Where does this drop? and off what mob?
  67. Shoulders
  68. (Non-Raid) End Game Pally Gear or [Gear Eye for Pally Guy]
  69. Prayer of Consecration
  70. Divine Favor
  71. When to give up the haste on the FBSS?
  72. EoF AAs
  73. Does assassin hate transfer stack with amends
  74. New Pally Alt
  75. new champions of valor
  76. DPS gear question
  77. Quest question
  78. What is wrong with our class?
  79. Sigil of Heroism
  80. New EQ2 Paladin here, advice needed!
  81. Strength and Intelligence Caps
  82. Tanking tid bit
  83. Shield
  84. Claymore reward
  85. GU 27a changes
  86. Why should Paladins be put into the Main Tank group?
  87. aa idea
  88. Has anyone considered going down the AGI AA line?
  89. Ok, I need some serious DPS Help
  90. What should I see for mitigation
  91. GU 27a Response(Not Response to 'GU 27a Changes' Thread)
  92. To Master one AA line or not that is the question
  93. Fear change in LU27
  94. Qeynos guard bug?
  95. Spell line upgrades for Paldins (Through T7)
  96. Pally Love- Lets see some Pics of yours
  97. Items that proc dmg..
  98. What use is increase of weaponskills?
  99. Focused on healing
  100. Will we ever tank like a plate tank should? And what's with my dps?
  101. Paladin's don't suck
  102. Guide to Paladins Part 1
  103. You guys kill me
  104. New paladin update on test
  105. Level 30 Paladin Amor
  106. Paladin MT for Raid setup... who would you want in your group?
  107. Paladin Stat dependencies
  108. Corrections to the "I Suck Theory"
  109. Got the blues after first Nek3 run... help!
  110. change to Divine Favor in Test
  111. Warning: Noobie question. How does the Paladin obtain class mount?
  112. new PALY
  113. Finding the right fighter to play
  114. Funny thing while mentoring - DPS related
  115. Paladins, I feel your pain.
  116. Equipment Question
  117. Decent 1h hammer?
  118. T7 Raid DPS?
  119. Lyceum Dps
  120. Raid Asset
  121. LVL 53 belt
  122. What the Paladin is supposed to be!!!!
  123. Xegonite Vanguard or Devout?
  124. You guys suck /Discuss
  125. message locking?
  126. Fear
  127. Need Help with Assisting Tank
  128. Level 40 Paladin Pet
  129. Idea: How about adding +focus to our defensive stance or as a new buff?
  130. Doom judgement spell
  131. Need some respec help
  132. Hey old timers, what ever happened to.....
  133. Penitent Sacrament (Master I)
  134. Heal crits and our ward.
  135. A couple of the benefits of being a Paladin instead of a Guardian in pvp
  136. Paladin solo capabilities
  137. [Removed for Content] off about new wizard/warlock hate transfer
  138. Divine Aura not working.... and how about those mit buffs...
  139. The Rare Masters
  140. Need some help on AA choices
  141. Pledge/Mit Buff Bug?
  142. Wisdom Line
  143. Faithfull Benediction or Wis AA's Battle Leadership buged?
  144. stop killing them
  145. pallys= thebest in PVP
  146. Does STR AA line "Avengers Relentlessness"(haste+) stack with Gauntlets of Glorious Speed?
  148. Starting fresh
  149. A few questions about AA specs
  150. Targeting a cutpse
  151. new lvl 70 stats
  152. Got a question about pally's and the betrayal quest
  153. Switched to SK and now i wanna be a pally
  154. Weapons Proc
  155. 33 paladin need some help
  156. Consecrate
  157. Amends not working in LU27
  158. If your going down the AGI AA line...
  159. Happy Day!
  160. Immunity to Fear broken???
  161. Auto Target?
  162. doom judgement
  163. Can't hit a homerun if ya don't swing the bat
  164. new to raiding
  165. Do you use this spell?
  166. Mitigation Cap?
  167. Class hat
  168. Spells/Combat arts lvl 50+ information
  169. Dueling a Necro question
  170. helm of the vindicator?
  171. Divine Favor - will it ever work?
  172. Righteousness Divine Debuff
  173. Where do I get my spells...please help
  174. what spell we get form all the Adv Pack?
  175. Paladin and Dual Weild - once again
  176. Raid MTing - who do you put amends on?
  177. Are you happy with your dps?
  178. Squire
  179. woot
  180. Speculation and dreams. (New sub-class Acheivment Points with EoF)
  181. So is Divine Aura dorked up again or has it never worked right?
  182. Question of Weapons
  183. Fabled Brigand vs Fabled pally
  184. Best AA?
  185. Back from a 3 month holiday... what's changed?
  186. Equipment Question
  187. Armor quests for paladins. Where be they started?
  188. Best use of slots - charms / ammo
  189. Oath Strike- Recast too long?
  190. Castigate dmg
  191. Amends
  192. Paladins & Soloing
  193. Perfect MT group for a raid
  194. How many Pallys know that resist gear is stacked against em?
  195. Pally's with crossbows...
  196. Equipment Choices
  197. Casting order for higher DPS
  198. New Pally needs advice please.
  199. 2hand Sword
  200. AA and PVP
  201. angry paladin rant....
  202. Paladin Power where does it come from
  203. PST timezone servers?
  204. Weapon question for a 59 Paladin
  205. Lets talk gear
  206. agro
  207. Gear for a non-raiding Pally
  208. I found my DPS Problem!
  209. Paladin only raid!
  210. Problems since betraying
  211. Stat advice, please.
  212. Stat advice, please.
  213. Looking For A good 1h and 2h axe.
  214. EoF AA's
  215. Making an alt, torn between paladin and guardian
  216. Noob question
  217. Castigate!
  218. I'm torn...
  219. preparing for deathtoll
  220. Taunt and Aggro qstns
  221. Pulling mobs
  222. Heroics question
  223. Before pull
  224. Magic Weaver.....Aeri'ssth
  225. hrmmm who is left?
  226. So what do you think about the stat cap increase in EOF?
  227. Jewely for a Pally in his 40's
  228. Time for my Soloing Pally to Start Grouping
  229. Hof MT
  230. Let's talk about Harughur The Deathless
  231. Question for you Pally Lovers! Which Duo Partner?
  232. do it urself
  233. consecrate
  234. parsing
  235. What is the most important stat for a Pally?
  236. Achievement Points
  237. Raid Value
  238. PVP Hammer Ground value?
  239. Claymore finished
  240. spill the beans!!!111one1 on the eof aa's
  241. Pally AAs, warning my leet Paint skills may astound you
  242. Need Armor Upgrades and a question about shields
  243. EoF brings us a super huge big change
  244. EoF and defensive stance
  245. Can Paly keep aggro now ???
  246. Pvp??
  247. Paladin breaking point?
  248. EoF Achievment Info
  249. EoF changes
  250. Consolidated Live/EoF Paladin Issues