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  1. lol such a bad idea...*nods head*
  2. Redoing Crafting System
  3. Splitpaw Saga Feedback June 17
  4. Wizards and Sony
  5. Shall I cancel Splitpaw preorder as an Illusionist or wait for Combat Changes?
  6. Please fix the Cryptic Metallic Robe in next patch
  7. Robe and GEB stacking alternative
  8. New recipes with Splitpaw?
  9. balance? sounds boring to me. check your user manuals.
  10. Broken since Beta?
  12. stop the robe nerf..petition to stop it plz post here--
  13. Reviewing Combat Revamped Skills
  14. PETITION 1 an ERNEST REQUEST...that seems ok for the forums
  15. Geb and robe (Not another complaint post)
  16. So since power regen items are getting nerfed, think you can finally adjust bard power regen?
  17. While revising combat arts and spells..maybe take away slows from us rangers?
  18. Please read! My Compiled Views and Ideas for a Better and More Prosperous EQ2!
  19. Test login server...down?
  20. limet atuning to....
  21. 50% xp Bonus?
  22. Why are petitions not allowed?
  23. Test Server
  24. More ranger related suggestions
  25. WOOHOO!!!
  26. New Update and HO's
  27. 3D screenshots
  28. Ask SoE #37... ummm... this doesn't sound good... unless....
  29. I seek for verification of Boney Grasp nerf.
  30. Update 11b, roots bugged
  31. Brawlers and the new Skills window
  32. What is a Decendant?
  33. Menders in TS and Nek... Thank you!
  34. Splitpaw Saga Feedback June 23
  35. Minor concern about update 11 Skills UI
  36. Big Art bug
  37. Sit Camera bug
  38. Why NOT play Test?
  39. PVP live?
  40. skills
  41. Will you please for the love of all that is holy fix Nek Castle
  42. a solution to my problems..
  43. Old Idea, Please SOE Take a look
  44. Balance???
  45. You really know how to reward your players for time well spent...
  46. Gebs :(
  47. Suggestions?
  48. Elemental resistances (raid mobs)
  49. DFC Issues (not sure if this is the right place, apologies)
  50. stealth fixes?
  51. Incentive to play on Test- Extra Character Slot on Live
  52. Dumb question
  53. Skills and Spells NERF... where's RESPEC ????
  54. 28th june update GEB/robe and buff stacking
  55. Really really bad crash and can't bug it
  56. Did Sony really compromise on the Mana Regen??
  57. Just a spot of "testing feeback" from "live"...
  58. I have a suggestion
  59. Please roll back the changes...
  60. I understand one classes buffs not stacking, but different classes cant stack some of theirs?????
  61. Working as intended..... Right??
  62. The day of the tank is over
  63. Suggestion On How To Help Us, Help You (SOE)
  64. How do I transfer a character to the Test server?
  65. Simple cheap idea for testing (1 extra server,minor code changes and an average of $2/user/year)
  66. SoE, perhaps you could benefit from looking at how business software is tested...
  67. Sony, BREAKING Item is not FIXING items...
  68. huh?
  69. Cleric soloing gone?
  70. Soloing moan.
  71. July 1st Patch Client Crashing. (Live)
  72. Question about Stacking, Masters, and the Combat Changes -
  73. Paladins and SKs duel wielding on test?
  74. Level 7(6) on IoR? and a general question....
  75. Shouldn´t Assassins/Rangers be sole highest damage dealers in groups after combat revamp?
  76. Mentoring and future spell rank-level learning requirements
  77. Alternate Advancement Points = Concept Tried and Failed
  78. Contested Raid Mobs
  79. Please consider changing ability acquisition.
  80. Messed up again SoE
  81. No news of the 'Staying in Combat' bug ?
  82. Furniture Placement is bugged.
  83. We need a way to copy characters over to TEST.
  84. High End Raiding Server
  85. New Combat/Spell System and Mentoring
  86. Scimitar of Valor - broken. Fix?
  87. A suggestion with the best of intentions.
  88. Please consider changing.
  89. Anyone else get a 3.25gb download when patching test?
  90. Sugested solution for fighters who wont currently have a "role" in raids
  91. From the Producer Letter: Help us Test, earn Bonus XP!
  92. what are the dueling commands?
  93. Conjurer loosing mana...
  94. Re: Next Test Update Week of 7/11/05
  95. anyone know what this "reverse writ system" is or have any information on it yet?
  96. Kudos SOE...
  97. What ever happened to LFP?
  98. July 13 is a Wednesday.
  99. Test Being Updated Today?
  100. Status of Combat Changes?
  101. Question about patron change
  102. Quivers.... uhh?
  103. Missing Hood/Bald Head and Missing Patterns on Character Select
  104. Heritage quests now fall under the 50-quest maximum - Why?
  105. Status Loot Drops /cheer
  106. Quest filters for journals?
  107. Delete me
  108. SBS Trial bug fixed?
  109. can a TESTER please explain how the new Patron Change Works...
  110. Artisan Quest
  111. Does the change to fuels for the cross-crafting skills only apply to NON-advanced recipes?
  112. Old Patron Woes and Preventing New Patronage Exploits---A Simple Solution
  113. Thank you devs for a nice looking update.
  114. Thank you UI devs for Working on the Raid window
  115. Any changes to back status?
  116. Nice update!
  117. *** Change Your Bind Point ***
  118. Keeping the patron system from being abused
  119. Where can I get.....
  120. Question about test server
  121. *** Status Loot *** ?
  122. Hooray for LU#12
  123. Trial note and new tradeskill quests
  124. The new Tradeskill quest
  125. Guild XP Change, What's the Big Deal?
  126. And now for something completely different...
  127. Nerf Heritage Quest Status?
  128. We need a test discussion forum
  129. - You will no longer be able to complete two guild writs at the same time by killing the same NPC.
  130. The idea of Guild SP debt.
  131. Chat Windows Fixed?
  132. Quick and easy solution to the Hot Swap Patron issue
  133. ~Patron Abuse Solution~
  135. Proposal for guild patronage.
  136. A simple and fair Patronage solution
  137. Trying to set up Test Server...some advice please?
  138. Raid Loot Issue
  139. Please Stop Making EQ2 Less Challenging
  140. If patron status changes go live it will ruin the guild system
  141. Two Thumbs up for the new Guild's patron system !
  142. Yet Another Patron Idea
  143. Wis and Int
  144. Behind schedule?
  145. Test as a secondary server?
  146. Umm 10 fule for the sub compents combine?
  147. Now that you are going to hand me my LvL 30 Guild I have a few more wants
  148. Guild Change suggestion...
  149. Question about Beta testing for Desert of Flames
  150. No Level/Quest Reqs for Main Zones? Test Only, or will it go Live?
  151. Question: Guild levels to show as one less than they really are. This is now fixed...huh?
  152. Who all here plays an "IKSAR"?
  153. Combat Changes
  154. Why is Sony noobifying and killing it's own game?
  155. Patron Changes are Live
  156. Not one of the great suggestions from the community about patron abuse was listened to...
  157. Crafting Rares
  158. Valey of the Rouge Magi "exploit"...
  159. July 20th update has increased zone time from about 25 seconds to 3 mins for me and others
  160. In Regards to the Recent EQ2 Vault Interview
  161. It isn't about EZ vs HARD it's about RISK
  162. New drops
  163. Any Word on Combat Changes?
  164. Combat Changes and Master/Adebt 3's
  165. Class Combat Balancing - The acid test
  166. Just Say No
  167. Double XP on Test?
  168. Keep up the good job SOE !
  169. Was there a patch Today?
  170. Is there a known bug list somewhere?
  171. Test Server Update Schedule
  172. New Guild Status System
  173. Massive flaw with update 13a
  174. SBS reward changes
  175. Something you wanna tell us SoE?
  176. Guild status nerf in update 13
  177. Range between targets?
  178. Why are DoF Beta Testers getting the server 1st discoveries?
  179. Guild status clarification
  180. Balanced Solution - Patrons & Status
  181. Guild Status - Patrons no more
  182. SPOILER: Instructions for raising guild level in new system
  183. Wasted effort and not getting maximum use of resources...
  184. Thank God for this change
  185. scouts and soloing
  186. Good Jod Devs. Love the way you are going with Guilds
  187. Status, Accounts, and Last Played
  188. The Top 12 system!
  189. The Problem with the New Guild Status System and a Solution.
  190. THe fix to the new Guild system
  191. Contested Raid mobs
  192. Guild Leveling / Patron Fix
  193. My small idea on Patrons
  194. twinks and guild status? Yaaaa get rid of Patrons!!!!!!
  195. Status Suggestion
  196. A solution to the Cap dilema?
  197. guild rankings by number of members, top 10
  198. Shirtless barbarians not working?
  199. Why do people post here?
  200. Invest 1000s of hours work on a class to have the role rewritting afterwards..
  201. Please....I'm begging you..
  202. New Guild status change retroactive?
  203. all you who rant about the combat revamp...enough
  204. 12gb download to play onto test server
  205. copy chars over to test server
  206. New Guild Status System and Casual Players
  207. How to Play on Test
  208. Test Server F.A.Q.
  209. A Solution or idea
  210. New guild system
  211. Aint Broke, dont fix it? GARBAGE
  212. Game Economy
  213. problems changing form
  214. EQ2 hits the 1950's or thereabouts
  215. LU13b?
  216. A FRESH look at the guild status system.
  217. Combat patch moved back to DOF release date.
  218. Test Update #13B Postponed to Thursday 8/4/05
  219. Is it possible to really alter a LU between test and live?
  220. Distortion around outline of characters /objects visible in front of water.... fixed ? HOLY CRAP !!
  221. Game Economy - please fix it (some ideas)!!!
  222. Trouble killing epic mobs? I got some advise...
  223. Fair Guild System?
  224. Request for Testing Combat Changes - Ability to test w/ a higher level character?
  225. update 13b today?
  226. Are we going to have a 13c & 13d?
  227. You'll know combat changes have gone to Test when...
  229. Delete this thread
  230. Since I was censored: Combat Change Mana Regen Nerf
  231. transfering characters
  232. Test Changes 13b
  233. Test Server Lag on the Isle
  234. Copy- Export?
  235. Major Harclave nerf intended?
  236. Comparing the Guild Status Systems on LIVE versus TEST
  237. Graphics issues
  238. Is there enough lvl 50s of all classes on test server to thoroughly test high lvl content???
  239. LU13b Update changes to SK spells Pro's and Cons
  240. Scout/Assassin Combat Changes on Test?
  241. Fighter and Priest changes are still in progress ...
  242. Should I make a carbon-copy of my live server character?
  243. Crafters would like to know....
  244. Faction display
  245. Coercer Charm badly bugged since the upgrade to pet selecting
  246. A few points on the combat change from someone not testing them.
  247. Chanter changes?
  248. Bards vs Chanters
  249. Power regen and it's effect on the crafting community
  250. Illusionists thought we couldn't get any worse...we were wrong