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  1. Question on Wisdom AA line...
  2. Shadow Knight Role and Abilities....
  3. Question about raid item
  4. level 20 Class mounts....
  5. How does Shadowknights Mele compare to Beserkers?
  6. Does not having a snare effect your pvp?
  7. Int line - Reflect
  8. SK weapons
  9. DPS AAs
  10. ShadowKnight.... Good starter class?
  11. Turning from paladin to Shadowknight....
  12. New to KOS. Which AA Line should I use if I PVP?
  13. My SK is slowly hitting a wall
  14. Legionnaire's smite.. I don't get it
  15. Grave Blessing
  16. Crit heals?
  17. AA's for Raiding (none MT)
  18. This is what I wanted to look like when I chose SK
  19. The visage of evil
  20. New to The SK class
  21. Any test server Sk's? I need help with procs....
  22. Defense Stat
  23. 68-Nefarious Sacrament-summons pet
  24. Stats for Pve?
  25. Agro Control
  26. What axe do you use for strength AA
  27. NOT A FLAME: Simple question for personal consideration
  28. Harm Touch
  29. What levels do you get best armor/weapon
  30. SK Spell damage numbers.
  31. Studly SK look.
  32. Queynos
  33. SK stats for PvP?
  34. Dark elf relic
  35. Having problems with my SK
  36. New to SK need help please
  37. are my weapons outdated for my lvl?
  38. Top Five Issues - Shadowknight
  39. Complete list of T6/7 spells.
  40. Yet another Paly vs SK thread
  41. Hint that we aren't meant to be MTs?
  42. AoE taunt
  43. Play Trouble
  44. Questions for t7 SK's
  45. Please give advice. Conjurers in PVP........No answer, they own me.
  46. Question specific for Berserkers and SK players.
  47. Thoughts On Armor
  48. How to raise Subjugation skill?
  49. The hardest attribute for an SK to cap?
  50. Getting your first hat...
  51. Different but Equal.
  52. Special Taunts
  53. Shadowknights!
  54. Shadowknights!
  55. PvP servers
  56. Enjoying My Shadowknight
  57. Good Thread Goin on the Pally forums
  58. What do u guys think?
  59. Numbers for T6 single target def buffs?
  60. Invisibility?
  61. This is my first Shadow knight.
  62. taunts and spell crits
  63. ShadowKnight Subclass??
  64. Blackcoat armour?? I may not be sure on the name.
  65. Equipment Upgrades
  66. Gear plz post here T7
  67. Sk looking for some AA insight.
  68. Tap veins master 1, where does it drop?
  69. Dumb post about wisdom.
  70. Sk STR AA question
  71. SK as a MT?
  72. Old returning player, newb question
  73. Making the mistake of being a tank on a PvP server
  74. T6 master II choises ?
  75. WTB pox sword - will be slave for life
  76. Ward and Defilers
  77. Coming back, Paladin or shadowknight?
  78. It is very difficult to be good at PVP as a SK....Let us cast on run!!!!!!!
  79. Hate Generation..
  80. Betraying New Patch to become Paladin
  81. Fabled Axes?
  82. Sword of shielding.. where does it drop?
  83. nvm
  84. Can someone please post a pic of trample (Rank 8)?
  85. On the Scalability of Damage Mitigation...
  86. AA's for a PvP shadowknight
  87. Weapons??
  88. Only 2 Taunts
  89. ARGHHH - How to spend my AA's !?!
  90. Scourge Knight's Mask
  91. Not exactly what I planned on looking like when I rolled an SK
  92. Indisious Promise
  93. Compare & Contrast: Bruiser VS SK in PVP.....
  94. Shadowknight attributes..
  95. Hoo, doggy, its time to talk about battlemages.
  96. what is the haste on the axe aa tree
  97. Best armor to buy for a lvl 30 SK?
  98. Dark malevolent look (relic armor)
  99. Do yourselves a favor at 64-
  100. Greetings Dark Ones. A few SK questions here. (SK NEWB WARNING)
  101. shadowknights for high end grouping and raiding??
  102. Question
  103. 64 Sk in need of class information
  104. Shadowknight VS Zerker on the parser
  105. Respeccing to put points into WIS?
  106. Sk vs Non-Guardians Fighters
  107. SK Fun spell Vendor
  108. Gnarkill - Unbelievably impressed - a few questions for you.
  109. Fear me!
  110. lvl 50 SK DPS questions
  111. Returning player, seeking SK tips
  112. Questions regarding the grind from 51-60
  113. New mount, it's not the cool SK look the nightmare had...
  114. Questions from a new SK/tank
  115. I am not feeling "it" yet.
  116. New to tanking and sk
  117. lvl 50 weap upgrade?
  118. Where to go?
  119. May I please see some enticing SK pics?
  120. What are you guys using for weaponry?
  121. Shadowknight Ability List on eq2ref.com
  122. Compare & Contrast: Bruiser VS SK in MT Raid Group.....
  123. Rolled a barbarian SK last night
  124. Courts of Maj'Dul
  125. Alchemist or Sage: who should i see?
  126. Hammer ground - recast?
  127. Betrayal should allow SKs to reselect any other fighter class
  128. Claymore quest questions
  129. ShadowKnights.
  130. Big picture changes to the SK in the Last 10 months
  131. What can be done to improve the SK, Stop flaming and give some ideas!
  132. For those who think SKs cant dps...
  133. Toolbars confusion
  134. A couple pics of a Ratonga SK in devout armor
  135. Stamina AP Line
  136. Hey, umm, help me out here?
  137. Non-SK ?, Any parsers that parse Whos to find out demographics?
  138. A few questions from your new Shadowknight
  139. WE need
  140. Paly or SK with LU 24
  141. So can we betray to a Pally in our early 30s?
  142. Feel drawn to SK`s
  143. Suggestions for T3 fabled equipment?
  144. Agro Issue's and Macro's to Negate it
  145. Agro Issue's and Macro's to Negate it
  146. Simple question I think???
  147. Nizara, City of the Nayad - Tanking Issue
  148. Are there any really unique looking weapons?
  149. Shadowknight DPS?
  150. Not Understanding!
  151. Cavalier Achievement Line - Spear problem post LU24
  152. Planning to go AGI line, some questions
  153. Ahem, I respectfully withdraw some of the statements I said about the ShadowKnights.
  154. Sk and the Mark of Awakening = Huh?
  155. Major flaw with Agility AA line
  156. What weapon should i get at 60 ?
  157. SK's and PvP
  158. SKs never mention
  159. Gnarkill you have B.O.
  160. AP DPS Setup, My Build, post how urs is working
  161. SK's are fun?
  162. Update to the Intercede spell?
  163. Man enough to admit I was being stupid
  164. worst kinds of people to group with when you're the MT
  165. Good solo xp/quests at 54?
  166. Maximising the Raid SK
  167. Crushing weapon at 50
  168. Partner for SK
  169. SK class: Concerns and Suggestions Thread
  170. Weapon set up
  171. How embarrassing and dissapointing -I (SK) was a master for less than a second.
  172. Whats a good SK UI setup?
  173. How to increase Avoidance?
  174. Symbol for lvl 50
  175. A positive, happy SK post!
  176. LvL 16 Def stance
  177. How desirable are Sk's end game?
  178. any good T7 axes in the fallen dynasty pack
  179. Something just isn't right (spells not showing up)
  180. Claymore Series
  181. What is the best race for a Shadownight?
  182. anyone seen smash master 1 drop?
  183. Mentoring = Laugh Riot
  184. Sk's FD, anyone having issues?
  185. Any SKs that tank raids?
  186. SK vs Pallie conflict resolved once and for all!
  187. T5 - 7 Spell Upgrades
  188. Paladin -> SK can you heal enough to keep yourself alive in a duo?
  189. What is your avoidance at?
  190. Sacrament Line - worth upgrading?
  191. End game analysis missing avoidance?
  192. T7 masters
  193. Are lifetaps broken?
  194. Did we ruin our own reputation?
  195. Shadowknight surname suggestions?
  196. SK "ward"
  197. Armor styles?
  198. Goading Gesture is better than Insidious Promise Master 1!
  199. Question....
  200. 2 handers don't seem worth it
  201. Do you guys get invis or evac?
  202. Shadowknight betrayal clarification
  203. SK armour at level 30
  204. for those sk's having aggro issues lvl 55+ on the pvp server, there is a bit of hope...
  205. SK openers
  206. Question about picking a race for Shadowknight
  207. Shadowknights need a class review from the devs---some suggestions about improving the sk class
  208. solo help
  209. For the love of god give us something usefull
  210. AA Macro
  211. AA for tanking
  212. Would you trade Crusader AA trees for Warrior AA trees?
  213. Is Legionnaire's Smite any good in PvP?
  214. combat forum's thread about Raid's and classes needed
  215. Off Hand race question
  216. Tap Veins
  217. Mutagenic pain in the...
  218. Whats effective mitigation?
  219. Shadow Knight trainer spells
  220. SOE Ftl
  221. Good Macro for the Soloing/MT SK
  222. the soloing shadowknight
  223. A couple videos of my SK in action
  224. Devs, Plz Improve Death March.
  225. 36 Pally here thinking of betraying.
  226. Adept III Choices
  227. Quick question from a pally thinking of betraying...
  228. tainted essences [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]!
  229. SK Raid Idea
  230. SK dps
  231. Smash and Unhallowed Strength (Master I) . . . where the hell do they drop?
  232. Staff of the Flapping Wing why cant we use?
  233. What's it like fighting on a mount? Thinking of going down the agility tree.
  234. Doom judgement.....am i the only one who has it
  235. 1H vs 2H. Need advice
  236. Did I miss a Taunt somewhere?
  237. How did SK's get in the top Magic Hit?
  238. Show me your Shdowknight pic's and some tips
  239. SK's rock: an SK (alt) Defense
  240. How do you DPS on raids? Not numbers, I mean strategies
  241. Power Problems???
  242. probably the stupidist question I have asked in a long time, but..
  243. Question about the group and self only lifetap procs we get.
  244. No more Essences
  245. Black Lotus Breastplate and Dragon Bone Leggings
  246. lvl 31 weapons reg stated, fabled, legendary?
  247. SK Question about Miti and HP
  248. Requesting some troll SK pics.
  249. SK’s and the Fluff
  250. Trample