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  1. My wife says BG's are making me snappy...
  2. 12v12 or 24 v 0 ?
  3. Accept zoning window
  4. Wards Don't Protect Relic Holders??
  5. Procs
  6. Reviving as game ends
  7. Cry Macro
  8. Battlegrounds and (yet more) bugs
  9. Evade
  10. Crashed now let me back in!
  11. Queue Selected
  12. pls pls pls fix resist
  13. New scam trick known about?
  14. Taunt related questions
  15. Auto unmentoring doesn't work
  16. Battlegrounds score system?
  17. Severe UI/control bug in BG
  18. Simple suggestions to improve BG experience.
  19. Flag Timer: Ganak
  20. [Moved] Useless F*cking Tools in BGs
  21. [Moved] Seliri, Master AFK'er
  22. [Moved] Dont reward the wrong people
  23. Battlegrounds are you for real?
  24. Interface changes I would like to see
  25. Whats with annonymous????
  26. Taunts should be on the final parse........
  27. Taunt/Aggro Mechanics in BG
  28. Mutiliation Gear
  29. Tie means everybody loses? [Removed for Content]?
  30. You know your in a crappy BG match when!!
  31. thank you thank you thank you thank you!
  32. Resist fixes
  33. HAHAHA Over the top changes once again!!
  34. Do you know what Grinds My Gears of Klak?? Scout Parse inc!!
  35. Did the resists feedback look a little something like this...
  36. woot finally balance in BG
  37. Ok, for anyone who does NOT know this, this is how you target a specific player in battle grounds!
  38. More adjustments need to be made please.
  39. Group Cures?
  40. The Real Issue
  41. great work with the resist fixes!
  42. Question: Did you help test?
  43. Summoner pets in Battlegrounds
  44. Battleground AFKers
  45. Speed and Ganak
  46. Sonic punch bug pls fix ASAP
  47. Ok I need to know
  48. Well sony has destroyed battlegrounds
  49. Beauty is in the eye...
  50. Long revive bug
  51. Procs.
  52. Potency on BG gear.
  53. Fix Mages!!!!
  54. BG House Items
  55. GU56 hitting test soon!
  56. List of Things that Need Fixed or Looked Into
  57. OK now you have finished breaiking casters time to work on the real OP classes
  58. Scouts in Beegee
  59. Funny
  60. Tanks can Taunt? Sorta...
  61. Stuck between worlds AGAIN!
  62. Nobody has started a thread complaining about the resist nerf today...
  63. What He Said
  64. Any other brawlers notice our autoattacks are broken?
  65. Bug: Damage Parsing
  66. So when are predators getting the nerf?
  67. Battlegrounds = OMG [Removed for Content] DID YA'LL DO TO THE BG'S???
  68. bg blues
  69. Didn't get a.a. or token
  70. toughness vs. crit mit in BG
  71. Fury in Battle grounds needs help
  72. Torrent - is it really suppost to do 20-50 percent of peoples parses?
  73. << Mortal Embrace Not Working in BG >>
  74. EQ2 game Crashes frequently when joining Battlegrounds.
  75. LEGENDARY!!!!
  76. Battleground Token
  77. dailys
  78. autoattacks > spells
  79. Idea for Gears of Klakanon Senario.
  80. Two new Battlegrounds Ideas
  81. PUGS and the Queuing System
  82. The reason why your spell/item/whatever looks like it's been changed.
  83. That's impossible! Maybe?
  84. BG Groups healers
  85. Sometimes I just give up trying to target....
  86. Guild only private battlegrounds
  87. Battlegrounds and Warfields
  88. Battlegrounds and todays update????? What happened?
  89. Noob Question on target priority and scoring
  90. Chat Channel Shuffle Coming Out of Battlegrounds
  91. Battlegrounds. Who broke em? They crash? Prolly a red adornment proc. :/
  92. Are the BG's down?
  93. A few facts about Taunts.
  94. What is the deal with people not being in the voice channel?
  95. Battlegrounds are currently down
  96. New ideas for BG scenarios
  97. So how do you get to BG's?
  98. Crit mit??
  99. Tournaments
  100. Can we get an update plz?
  101. Guardian vs. SK.
  102. Blue servers need to watch out.
  103. petition to remove truancy debuff
  104. Suggestion: Halve the effects of crit bonus on all heals
  105. Clickies and Battlegrounds
  106. EXP nerf for BG?
  107. Might be a good idea to remove the stickied "Battlegrounds are Currently Down" thread?
  108. Sweet PvP/BG Changes!
  109. To the devs.............. Battlegrounds
  110. getting eq2 client failed
  111. [Moved] Healer's heals should be nerfed by 20% or so in pvp.
  112. Anymore QQ and I'll drowned...
  113. No elegible target / not a friend bug
  114. BG Rage?
  115. Fury trouble, need advice please.
  116. Don't Forget about the Shadowknights!!!!
  117. Challenger armor
  118. Token Consolodation - Request for Dev Clarification
  119. matches in progress
  120. Smugglers Raid with half of our raid in Ganak
  121. People avoid the relic on purpose
  122. [Moved] soe ever going to do something about the F'ing unfair runspeed?
  123. Losing key set ups
  124. Taunt Immunity
  125. UK Battlegrounds (Splitpaw / Runnyeye)
  126. Epic Problem In Battlegrounds For Healers!!
  127. Disk of Chaotic Energy, Speed
  128. Order Logging out of BG
  129. Typical Den: 14tanks, 2 healers, 1 mage and some scouts...
  130. Battle grounfs iddues
  131. An issue with Respawn
  132. Assassins in BG
  133. Carrying A Flag Should Put You In Combat
  134. Stream of Arrows - Out of range, out of range, out of range, out of range...
  135. Testing Forum: Class Archetype blue adornments
  136. pvp illegal tactics on Naga server on BG
  137. Question for Rangers/Assassins is Intoxication worthwhile in BG?
  138. Spectator Mode
  139. Crashing a lot
  140. BG Items good for PVP only!?
  141. Improving BG Interface Ideas
  142. Will the lower tiers be more balanced?
  143. Token exchange
  144. Season One Armor - Preseason, but now with blue sockets.
  145. Blue Adorn confusion
  146. Armor Upgrades, Or total New Sets?
  147. What to do when you can't reach someone and need to vote them AFK?
  148. Zerkers
  149. BG are fundamentally broken. :(
  150. make effects on raid and instance gear pve only
  151. Is there any way to force a "change leader"?
  152. Mentoring
  153. Rumor has it
  154. Lack of Round Sheilds again
  155. Picking up the relic in Gears Scenario
  156. The Queue system is Broken for Runnyeye & Splitpaw (5 Days and counting)
  157. Saving settings for BGs?
  158. Idea: Battlegrounds challenge mode
  159. Season 1 gear
  160. Is this the sum of most people's bg experience so far? *more opening content
  161. BG Staging area
  162. To much Bandwidth.
  163. disgruntled summoner and pvp imbalance
  164. PVP armor tab
  165. What's wrong with this picture.. Fix it Devs !!
  166. hack attack while in BG game?
  167. BG's down ....
  168. ETA on fixing splitpaw/runnyeye Battlegrounds?
  169. BG Countdown Timer - M.I.A
  170. Can we get an update plz?
  171. Poisons not auto consuming in BG's
  172. BG Achievements - Titles? Rewards? Anything?
  173. no win = no token
  174. Heal Targeting in the x4
  175. New BG Gear in GU56?
  176. SOE Casters NEEd a Little Help ! seriously already
  178. 2VS2 3VS3 6VS6 ??
  179. New BG Bug?
  180. awarded no tokens - 24vs24 reviving while match ended
  181. Should bloodletter be disabled fron pvp/bg combat?
  182. BG quest idea
  183. Spawn camping has reared it ugly head in BG Smugglers Den
  184. Vote AFK
  185. my experience for x4 bg
  186. Whiners enough!
  187. Odd Idea for a Battleground
  188. crashed from BG, missing all gear/bank stuff
  189. Crashing
  190. Allow Less Players to Begin a Den Match
  191. screenies of the new bg loot anywhere?
  192. massive lag in Smugglers Den
  193. What the heck, cost changes with no warning? THANKS!!!! NOT!!!
  194. New to Battleground
  195. Why not just reuse the maj'dul arenas for battleground content?
  196. Apolgoies - back after a long while and battlegrounds seem fun hlp pls
  197. Group/raid member map dots in BG's.
  198. Can't Move - Gears Bug?
  199. Stuck loading into Battlegrounds Hub... (Splitpaw)
  200. Desactivate floating in ganak
  201. Full Raid Fridays (Repost)
  202. First . . . and last bg
  203. A No Contest Battleground
  204. Pet's not INflicting damage !
  205. Nagafen.Natthan Looser
  206. What is wrong with this picture?
  207. how much did they nerf locks in bg hehe?
  208. Big time change to Gears in update notes
  209. GU 56: Added Items
  210. 275 victories and I all I got was this unadorned t-shirt
  211. crit mit on BG gear
  212. 50 men enter.. only 1 leaves
  213. New BG bug...
  214. Healergrounds
  215. Teleport bug in Gears
  216. BG Armor should be upgradeable
  217. Relic change
  218. annoying targetting bug
  219. Low Lvl BG feedback.
  220. Thank you....
  221. Lower lvl BG missions
  222. Cool idea for future BGs..
  223. Nother Summoner (least a necro) bug
  224. No Writs for BGs?
  225. Too much relic damage 40 tier
  226. Seeing Queues/status/etc
  227. A sad state of affairs...
  228. combat xp in bg..sounds good?
  229. lower level BG gear
  230. It's time!!
  231. Annoying DP bug
  232. blue slot adornments... wheres the armour lol?
  233. Blue adorns work in PVE?
  234. Melee damage vs Spell damage
  235. Euro BG untennable - ETA of US merger?
  236. Euro BG untennable - ETA of US merger?
  237. What is the solution for euro BG's?
  238. New Place to hide
  239. A little confused!
  240. Please let us change in our tokens for a different type
  241. dropped flag in Ganak
  242. Zero Fun
  243. Warden adornments
  244. BG kills
  245. BG Broken?
  246. New BG: Ganak x4
  247. Keyboard Mappings Reset while in BG ??
  248. Hookshot
  249. PVP Fabled lower tier gear vs. PVE mastercrafted lower tier gear
  250. No BG Map icon's