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  1. Heroic or not?
  2. How do you solo heroics?
  3. Level 22 abilities
  4. Succeeding with adept3's
  5. Master I Amnesia
  6. Hate Buff Increase(From Where?)
  7. Cross-server recuiting?
  8. Coercer Necro Strats
  9. New final AA suggestion
  10. Looking for Coercer for MT group
  11. Charm abuse/exploitation.
  12. What types of spells should I upgrade?
  13. Spell proc gear, suggestions
  14. Calculation of harmonious link with amends
  15. Fancy helping out with some spell information ?
  16. Coercer masters on your server
  17. Along with the Charms, what other spells MUST you Master?
  18. The (very basic) Art of Coercion (in groups)...
  19. Good pets to use at lvl 43 in the sinking sands?
  20. Good coercer resist gear?
  21. Are you an offensive or defensive coercer?
  22. how much deagro is Harmonious Link at m2 -nt
  23. Question regarding Illusion "Fun" Spell Forms
  24. 62 Coercer
  25. Coercer charm in pvp?
  26. Charm / Pet changes?
  27. DPS mod and combat revamp
  28. Mezing on raids
  29. Hate Gain Buff Stacking
  30. Toy Spells
  31. Question about Trait options! Plz experienced coercers shed some light!
  32. Charming in Lyceum
  33. Mana Cloak
  34. Best one hand weapon choice?
  35. AE mez bugged ..
  36. Solo nest to the last named, is it possible?
  37. Hello fellow coercers =)
  38. Been away 6 months+
  39. Betray. Who here was once a Illusionist?
  40. Please Help!!
  41. Charm-Friendly Instance Zones?
  42. Coercer questions (pvp)
  43. Would you play a Coercer if you would NEVER get Master Charms?
  44. Newbie coercer question
  45. T2-T4 Pet Guide
  46. Spell Lash -??
  47. Possession being abused
  48. Domination for 90PP ???
  49. Which healer with a pair of coercers?
  50. How are folks dropping concentration slot buffs to charm?
  51. GodKing Weapon Brks mezzes?
  52. Mob health after breaking charm
  53. Level 38 Beast Mastery
  54. Anyway to make Coercer Raiding fun?
  55. DD reactives - Do they stack with other coercers ones? Do they stack with inquisitor ones?
  56. Fluff spells?
  57. New Level 25 Coercer
  58. Question for our chanter brothers/sisters
  59. Coercers and which healer?
  60. PvP Bliss
  61. i know this is not the best place for this question
  62. Charm breaking - differences in PvE vs PvP server
  63. The myth of the Coercer power regeneration
  64. How much is this worth?
  65. What kind of Solo Strategy do you use in low to mid levels?
  66. Coercer Raid AA and tactics question
  67. Beguile spell ever fixed?
  68. Pet Aggro Issues
  69. new coercer needs a bit of help
  70. Yet Another PvP Question
  71. making cash 60+...
  72. Important Spells for the Soloing Coercer
  73. subjugation skill and charm
  74. Using Grey Charm M1's
  75. Soloing Sothis in HoF
  76. Why such the huge gap in power between AdepIII and Master I charm?
  77. Tier 7 Raiding Tips
  78. I'm torn - please help me choose my Enchanter
  79. Coercer question
  80. Charm Farm
  81. I wonder what they did with charm in new combat change
  82. Charming in Lyceum
  83. New Coercer with a question
  84. Situation for use Amnesia + Possession
  85. Charm breaking less often
  86. Crit Ward??
  87. Reek of Terror
  88. Auspex
  89. Info on Coercer AA's in expansion?
  90. Okay, EoF "Coercer AA Tree..."
  91. Coercer Deity
  92. Coercer Pets
  93. Charmed a Necro NPC
  94. Relian - Coercer PvP video
  95. What Trait Choices?
  96. Cloaks!!!! Any Coercer in Beta info would be nice!
  97. Updated EoF Coercer info
  98. Stun Spells - Adept I or Adept III?
  99. Quick Question
  100. Is the daze line worth anything?
  101. Coercer and Illusionist
  102. Help needed for this noob
  103. Attack + Back Off Charm Trick
  104. coercer/conjurer duo,,will it work
  105. Cataclysmic Mind nerf - totally uncalled for and will heavily damage the class.
  106. Mind Splice upgrades?
  107. Charming mobs with pets
  108. Question for the Erudite's here.
  109. Master Mez,Master Aoe Mez, Master Charm as of 10/10/06 are nerfed.
  110. EOF Coercer Armor
  111. PET WIKI PAGE!!
  112. Hate Gain Buff. Cap? Stack with Hate Transfer?
  113. Big Game Changes?!
  114. Best AA Setup for EoF?
  115. Impetus Adept 3
  116. What news from the north my fellow Coercer's
  117. Taking Mez off my Hot Bar
  118. Coercer Spell Lines & Stratigies
  119. Casting speed
  120. Spell attacks and mez
  121. Mindbend Resistability Condition
  122. EoF what mobs should we charm?
  123. PVP Statigie
  124. Charm post expansion
  125. Mana: Mana Flow AA and Description
  126. It's time to level my Coercer, what to do AA-wise?
  127. Master 1 Mez spell... NEVER LANDS
  128. Coercer Theme
  129. Did SOE screw up resists? I can't land in PvE
  130. Question for raiding coercers (especially MT group coercers)
  131. Coercer God?
  132. Tips for a n00b Coecer?
  133. +to so so type damage (gear thread)
  134. Cap caps caps!
  135. Interesting spells behaviar upon interupt....
  136. Subjugation Gear
  137. The skills it takes to be good....
  138. Did I miss this?
  139. Gnillaw adds
  140. Coercers on PvP servers
  141. Question about Cocercer AA's and Domination?
  142. Centaur Pets and Faction?
  143. Halls of Fate - Sothis help (2 Boxing)
  144. Soloing w/o charm?
  145. Do coercers farm?
  146. Coercer Pet guide
  147. Oh the pain!
  148. enhance: dispel magic
  149. Adorments
  150. Question about a soloing coercer
  151. a coercer and a genie walk into a bar...
  152. Doing well so far
  153. Real quick question
  154. Amnesia explain all to a tinkering tank please
  155. "Thought Snap" sadly, is broken
  156. Corpse Candle lifetap removed?
  157. Power of the Master Charm and Charm AA
  158. soloing / lucrative instances t6 / t7
  159. Lvl 20 armor quest
  160. soloing nizara
  161. I’m new to this class and I really love it :) - but...
  162. What would ya like to see changed to the coercer class?
  163. Forgive the newbish question
  164. Getting pet to use its abilties?
  165. stuns/stifles vs epics
  166. Charm AA bugged?
  167. Charm Warning
  168. Problems with spell resists
  169. Enchanced dispell Magick
  170. Where are all the coercers at?
  171. Lvl 42 guild on Najena server looking for Coercers!
  172. Adornments and Us
  173. Cant loose Agro
  174. Fixed Coercer AAs in LU30
  175. No control panel for charmed pet?
  176. How do you stay alive when surprised (PvP)
  177. Opinions on Mezzing linked mobs???
  178. Compiled list of Coercer's Spell Issues
  179. OMG this is a hard class to play!
  180. Looking for a awesome solo class
  181. stroke vs words of force
  182. Any classes that make a lot of decisions in combat, similar to Enchanters?
  183. What AA's should a new Coercer take first?
  184. Armor of Force
  185. Only chanters can cast control spells on epic mobs?
  186. Mana Flow
  187. Charm info please
  188. Have they just nerfed charmed pets?
  189. Thought Snap Still Broken after the Live Update!
  190. PVP Coercer Questions, Reguarding Hold type spells?????
  191. Once Again....Tips for Coercers
  192. Coercer's Most Useful Tradeskill
  193. this vs my necro?
  194. Another New Coercer With Problems
  195. AAs for PvP
  196. Coercive healing even possible?
  197. Mind Bend fixed?
  198. Possible betrayal inc
  199. Couple of questions
  200. Ding 70...
  201. charm duration at higher levels plus breakage.
  202. This make anyone else upset? Please read Devs =P
  203. Improving personal DPS
  204. Coerce Master vs Adept 1 Beguile
  205. last M2 choices for raid Coercer
  206. Rats with Wings
  207. questions: raid/group coercers attention (eof)
  208. Things you will learn as a Coercer: Volume I
  209. Stroke vs. Word of force
  210. is a bird, a plane, a Conjuror....no ! is a Coercer!
  211. Reliable Charm from Tinkering items?
  212. would do you like to see a perma charm spell?
  213. uncharmable mobs make no sense
  214. 10k Resists...
  215. Castle Mistmore coercer play
  216. pvp as a coercer
  217. Hotbars for coercers
  218. Questions for Coercer veterans
  219. Dev's Please Help Fix - Cure Arcane Breaking PETS
  220. Enchanter Specific EoF Armor
  221. Amnesia vs Alzid Prime (EoF)
  222. Lyceum: Possession
  223. Confusing Spell Drop Question
  224. Coercers charm, illusionists DPS/mez?
  225. Where to Farm....?
  226. Power Drains - clear up a possible misconception?
  227. Regarding Charm
  228. Troubadour proc song & mezz...
  229. Class Quest
  230. New to EQ2 Best Coercer Race?
  231. Coercer vs. Dirge
  232. Joining the Charming Side
  233. Noob Coercer Help needed pls ...
  234. Where to hunt at 29 and get good gear.
  235. Reborn Coercer pretty confised..
  236. What's the first Charm spell without a level limit?
  237. Volatile and procs / dots
  238. Have master dominate & adept domination: which should I use?
  239. Crowd control AA builds - Help needed
  240. Adornments that will boost our DPS
  241. Sweet ideas for awesome raid encounters!
  242. Can someone explain 'Daydream' to me
  243. What is the meaning of, or the role of..
  244. How do Coercers solo so well?
  245. How many enchanters do you have in your dayly raid ?
  246. Class to 2box
  247. LU31 Pet announcement
  248. So is this it, or is there more to the whole pet thing?
  249. The Mutagenic Outcast
  250. can i get it...