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  1. Can we please speak now?
  2. transfer move
  3. Full PvP fabled Zerker up for sale on Station Exchange Vox Server
  4. earning status - question
  5. Can we get some protection in the caves?
  6. this whole new getting out of combat stuff
  7. Faabio Presents ~ Shax : The Movie
  8. Magi's Shielding AA Ward and PvP
  9. How are summoners in PvP?
  10. Could we please get a list of actions that are supposed to put you into Combat mode ?
  11. What would it be like?
  12. Chest Drops
  13. Please fix the pvp house exploit in the city
  14. Please Fix Broken PVP Item Procs (list mroe if you know them)
  15. Assassins galore!
  16. Seriously, Why can't we duel on PvP servers?!
  17. So, which is the hardest class to play on each side?
  18. Templar?
  19. Just don't understand....
  20. Never asked for a nerf, but...
  21. Nagafen and the declining log in
  22. Not sure what to choose Class wise.
  23. Driving me NUTS!
  24. Toadya Has released a fraps video!
  25. Evac Immunity
  26. Newbie to PvP/EQ2
  27. Anyone else notice a problem with tracking?
  28. Wizz and PVP (the death of a class)
  29. Out of combat run speed while in combat..
  30. Tracking thought...
  31. New race
  32. Advice for a returning pvper
  33. OK you know what!
  34. Wizard Faction PVP Gear
  35. Change the fame system
  36. [Moved] Last nite in Naggy caves
  37. Solution to Scout probelm
  38. Ignoring scouts rank the classes for PvP
  39. Just FYI (Neriak)
  40. Concerning Storm and the BV theory.
  41. Level 80 & PVP Armor
  42. (Level 20) Harm Touch hits you for 860...
  43. Cons of Rise of Kunark Expansion !!!!!!!!
  44. Titile Facts
  45. public request for /stripfame and /lockfame commands
  46. Do caster robes start looking better?
  47. Reintroduction of original stealth ..and health
  48. Why can't we get official responses???
  49. No Zoning in PvP
  50. New to ...
  51. Aside from scouts, what classes are 'fun' to solo in PvP?
  52. So confused about Arena champions.... ugg.
  53. Oakmyst forest bug!!!
  54. A PvP Guardian's AA
  55. Fury PvP Videos?
  56. Track is Broken.
  57. Combat Mounts
  58. mana/lifeburn
  59. Vox PvP Population
  60. Auto ward puts into combat
  61. Titles...Come see!
  62. Got owned repeatedly by a Warlock
  63. The important facts of pvp
  64. Which class for someone new to eq2 PvP?
  65. /reset title
  66. Brig PvP AA
  67. Harm Touch Hits you for 127
  68. I cant dance!!!
  69. How well do SK's do in pvp?
  70. PVP raids = PVE raids, so...
  71. Simple title question
  72. Starting cities
  73. Aren't you supposed to be safe when you're Immune ?~
  75. Who have YOU caught out on the new no-zoning rule?
  76. newbie questions
  77. Resubbed recently on Nagafen, have some Qs
  78. The inbetween
  79. Dear SoE. Please fix T7 PvP
  80. Having a hard time
  81. Pvp in Pve
  82. low lvl pvp coercing
  83. Worst thing that can happen to you in PvP
  84. The Ultimate Solution
  85. Why is this?
  86. No zoning during PvP implementation
  87. Newb question
  88. Immune to stun effects
  89. A [Pumice Stone] and the de-buffed Druid
  90. Neriak..Ally of Freeport?
  91. No Zoning = No Soloing
  92. No Zoneing=Fix Revive Zerging ASAP
  93. No zoning - Not all it should be..
  94. Level-locking is CHEAP, RIDICULOUS, and just WRONG
  95. Game Update Notes #38 June 30th PROPOSED
  96. The Debates
  97. Paladins: are they really a joke in pvp?
  98. T6 + PVP - CA resist - AA for PVP
  99. In combat speed
  100. Overpowered classes!
  101. Why are PVP transfers down again?
  102. Neriak Guild Registrar is broken on Nagafen
  103. AA for PVP Wiz
  104. Necro pvp broken
  105. zomgz...PT is outta hand
  106. End of level locking???
  107. resist
  108. PvP during PvE
  109. The GANKING
  110. Is it worth rolling on a PvP server if..
  111. Recommended melee class for PVP server?
  112. Zoning is bugged and is abusable
  113. Paladin Melee/Healer setup...reposted as noone on paladin forum has opinion.
  114. the truth about why people level lock
  115. Level-locking at 70 is cheap, ridiculous and just wrong
  116. Removal of Level Locking Would KILL PvP
  117. Warlock or Dirge best for solo PvP?
  118. 70 pvp gear After ROK
  119. Zerging makes pvp suxorz
  120. Kill Shax : The Video
  121. Solution To Zerging.
  122. FIXED: Island gear vs lock, zerg, gank & twinkers
  123. no more adepts
  124. newbie, what class if not a scout?
  125. question on going exile and comming back to starting city
  126. Level 70-locking is CHEAP, RIDICULOUS, and just WRONG
  127. PVP Gear for Exiles?
  128. Recent Lists, Pain in my Bum.
  129. Help me out here
  130. Tokens
  131. Level Locking Importance Poll
  132. Everquest PVP dev team, read this.
  133. The classes and design
  134. PVP Novice
  135. Eliminate Some Revive Points
  136. So much for no zoning in combat.... borked in town
  137. Tier 2 solution to a)HT b)"Furies"c)Lvl-locking
  138. Just Snap Your Fingers -And PvP is Gone
  139. Defiler Vs. Inquis
  140. In Combat Evac.
  141. Factual state of affairs for EQ2 PvP
  142. Hardcore server
  143. Neriak: Not Viable as a Home City for PvP
  144. New family to EQVP Need some guidance! ^^
  145. Is PVP gear that good?
  146. /pvp option for regular servers?
  147. EQ2 n.o. < Fairies and Weak PvP
  148. Forced Linkdead
  149. PvP changes coming in GU 36
  150. why keep playing eq2...?
  151. question about immunity...
  152. ein bischen mehr pvp auf den normalen servern
  153. Test server night - Any Non Q Guild interested?
  154. Fear Immunity in pvp not working appropriately
  155. + to heal and damage items & adornments?
  156. Necro's able to force combat?
  157. A plea from Vox pvpers to the DEVs. Population problem is getting awful now..
  158. So im back after a long break and i have some questions..
  159. Tinkered Pets Not Attacking in PvP
  160. Plea to the Devs: Please Don't Change the AA System
  161. Out of Group healing, Wow!
  162. Who remembers Sentinel and Eye of Zomm?
  163. The Best PvP Duo?
  164. My letter to sony's Pvp department!!!
  165. Level 70 Babysitters
  166. Question about level locking changes
  167. World Tournament
  168. /sigh I need a hug
  169. Please help me make my life like 80000 times better. Thanks.
  170. Cannot PvP While Mentoring?
  171. Which is better for pvp Warlock or Wizzy?
  172. XPdebt runs = Intended EQ2 content .. True story(s)
  173. Enhanced PVP switch
  174. AA cap, an interesting suggestion
  175. What AA Line for Wardens?
  176. Why does Exile Exist
  177. Immunity... i know again^^
  178. can someone help me`
  179. Infamy, Devs Please look!
  181. A better alternative to reducing Harm Touch damage...
  182. RANGER RESPONCES to test server changes.
  183. PVP Test Server feedback (Link)
  184. Level lock a Play style?
  185. Am I wrong in my logic?
  187. Question about PVP Gear/Weapons
  190. A suggestion for the Rangers and others who do not like the PVP changes...
  191. Exploiting Freeports in Qeynos Harbour right this very minute!!! Come see on Nagafen...
  192. Harm Touch does not need to be nerfed.
  193. PvP Transfers Again?
  194. AA Question, and Do You Agree or Not Agree?
  195. Wizzy - Ice Comet?
  196. Concern
  197. While we are fixing things
  198. AA respec
  199. Attn: Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer, SOE
  200. Reminder '/testcopy add' if you want to tinker on PvP Test
  201. Test server
  202. PvP in UK!
  203. Welcome to the Jungle: EQ2 PvP
  204. AA and experience debt change hurts newbs
  205. Seriously - how green is my grass?
  206. Level locking ganking madness!!!
  207. So we all know the issues, now how 'bout some serious attempts at solutions...
  208. Guide to PvP Avoidance (for the new player and "anti" alike)
  209. New pvp changes and survival
  210. Is It Possible to Be Quest Oriented On a PVP Server?
  211. Arena changes would be welcome...
  212. What is the best make up of a pvp group?
  213. Newbie questions, not answered in a guide, or the knowledge base.
  214. AA limitations
  215. Pre-GU36 Mage PvP vid
  216. when GU #36 comes out?
  217. Lowering Heal amounts in PVP will make Contested monsters impossible on pvp servers.
  218. Advanced targeting
  219. remove titles
  220. So, when is perma immunity being removed?
  221. Either make gray cons attackable or make red cons unattackable.
  222. Nerf?
  223. What does Evade do for Rangers?
  224. Heals scaling in PvP and problems caused when engaged in PvE
  225. Give a huge selection of matching gear or give us dyes
  226. My review of PvP
  227. server transfers
  228. Do you have my same problem?
  229. recent kill list: gain credit when someone in that list ATTACK you first
  230. Revive Zerging: Needs a solution
  231. guardian aa spec
  232. Devs: Suggestion to fix farmers... 5 minute re-entry lockout timer on ALL instances.
  233. Moving while knocked down
  234. PVP newb has questions
  235. Aeralik wrote: HT and Decap back in!
  236. Welcome to PvP - Narative for all the Complainers.
  237. Mystic/Defilers Long ward Casting
  238. Class re-spec...
  239. Twink much??
  240. "Game Experience May Change During Online Play"
  241. Please fix in-combat bug
  242. Ice Comet / Nova - Dont Nerf it =(
  243. EQ2 appreciation thread
  244. Get in test!!
  245. New 2:1 MANASHIELD and reduced PVP damage
  246. 1.5 AA cap discussion
  247. Idea for the Devs
  248. So, you're keeping HT and Decap.. well how about adding..
  249. Random thought about PVP equity...
  250. Nerf PALADINS!