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First off, let me apologize to those of you who requested a move to Splitpaw and didn't get transferred along with your guild. While we processed thousands of requests successfully and those players are currently enjoying their new home, there was a small percentage of players who didn't get to move as they had hoped. One of the foundations of any game is that friends get to play with their friends, and we definitely don't want to do anything to get in the way of that.

Here's what we're going to do to fix this.

As of now we have reopened movelog requests on Runnyeye and Faydark. Characters who wish to move to Splitpaw need to submit a new "/movelog add" request. Everyone who requests a move will be moved.

On Tuesday, February 1, at 6AM PST, we will bring down Runnyeye, Faydark, and Splitpaw to process the movelog requests. Within a couple hours, all requests will be moved to the new server.

Since a lot of the people who were missed in the most recent transfer want to return to their previous guild status, we are going to restore that status when the move is done. However, your character's current guild status is a factor too.

If your character on Runnyeye or Faydark is in a guild on Runnyeye or Faydark as of 6AM PST on Tuesday, February 1, your movelog request will be handled under the normal rules previously posted, i.e. if your guild leader requests a move you will retain your guild status, if your guild leader doesn't request a move then your character will arrive on Splitpaw unguilded.

If your character on Runnyeye or Faydark was in a guild as of January 24 at 5 AM PST and your guild was moved to Splitpaw, that character's previous guild status will be restored upon arrival to the new server.

Here is the important distinction: If you were in a guild that was moved earlier this week but you were left behind and have since joined another guild, you will need to leave the new guild before being moved on Tuesday. Otherwise your current guild status will be considered valid during the transfer process and you will not have your previous guild membership and status restored. Every character requesting a move that is unguilded as of Tuesday morning will have their previous guild membership restored as of January 24, assuming the guild now exists on Splitpaw.

So to sum it up, we'll fix those of you who have been split apart by this move. Others of you who haven't requested a move before but have decided to transfer now will be handled normally.

Again, we're very sorry for the hurt feelings and distress that have resulted from this process. We'll do our very best to make sure everyone gets to the place they want to be and gets to play alongside the same friends they always have.

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