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Fixed an issue where players would stop animating when riding a glider mount.

Fixed a bug where the beastlord window would creep upward when toggling mini and max modes.

Quest feathers have been added to world and regional maps. These show to the right of labels for zones that have active quests.

Players can now summon chests to themselves!  This can be done by right-clicking on the chest and choosing "Summon", or by using the "/summon_chest" command.  You can also get a list of chests you are able to summon by using the "/summon_chest" command with no target, or something other than a chest targeted.




Bulletin boards on city merchants are now available to players of all levels.

All Destiny of Velious collections should now be under the "Destiny of Velious" category.


Throne of Fear

Collections for the 'Throne of Fear' heroic and solo zones are now active.




Mercenaries will now filter into the "group only" tracking list.

Getting killed by a merc while dueling will no longer damage your equipment.




When the Mirror of Reflected Achievements is crafted it now results in a Packed Mirror of Reflected Achievements. This can be placed on the broker or traded. It can be unpacked into a Mirror of Reflected Achievements.

Harvest Depots may now be sorted by Quantity via the Qty. selection in the header.

Tradeskill items can now be previewed in the dressing room window after crafting them.





Claw of Khati Sha can only be loaded into the beastlord bar if you are in feral stance.




Most necklaces from level 20 or higher now have green slots for Spirt Stones.

Only level 1 adornments can be adorned on items with no level requirement.  Items that have adornments applied this way will have the adornments removed and returned to the character in the overflow slot on login.




Fixed a bug where you would start a Dungeon Maker dungeon without full health when playing as self.

Fixed a bug where mana drains would be too effective in level agnostic battlegrounds and dungeon maker dungeons.

Previewing a Dungeon Maker Avatar will no longer replace your character image in the character window with the avatar image.

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