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It's a specific Coercer problem, I think, that I am encountering.Mobs charmed are not following us from zone to zone, and in each zone we enter we have to recast our charm - Provided I am not mistaking -.

When the War Field starts in Antonica, I am looking for a mob to help me. But all looks to be levels 10 to 20 and useless to me, level 32 at this time.Is there a trick I can use to gain a rather potent mob? Or a least a normal one, of my level?



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That is the way it is.  Charmed pets will not zone with you.  As fun as charm can be, it is unreliable at best.  I doubt you will find any mobs in the level range you are looking for.  My suggestion is to try to find the highest level caster mob you can, and charm it.  I believe it will raise it up some to be more effective for you...  at least it used to do that.  I always liked charming the warlock mobs in Nek forest and they would nuke for 800+ in the 30's...

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Charm a Shadowed Riftwatcher shadowman. Far NE corner of zone, ony 30s mob in Ant.

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