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I read the stat break down stick at the top of the forum list, but I wasn't sure what the stats are I should be looking for most.  I'm 57 now, and since level 1 I've been mostly gearing and imbuing for STA(health) and STR, would I be correct in doing so?  I play as a tank for 90% of the groups I'm in so I always am concerened about having a lot of HP, but this may be the WoW player in me.

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At your level I would just look for STR as your primary stat. Your STA will natuaraly buidl itself for the most part. STR will now increase your dps (from both spells and Combat arts), increase your taunts and heals and increase your power pool. As you get closer to the top-level, the primary (STR/STA/WIS etc..) will become a lot less important on gear, than the 'blue' stats (crit, double attack etc...)
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