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Old 10-16-2008, 01:14 PM   #1
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Lets See... What Developer's Idea was it to grant wood elves such uber racial Traits?

Racial Traditions

Elvish Spirits: +25% to drink duration.

(this is insane IMO! All Most classes get is stupid stuff like "5% Casting speed!", Who wants that? this definatly needs nerfed!)

Faydark's Champion: +2% to ranged crit and +5 ranged or +2% to healing crit and +5 to ministration.

((This is Also insanely Overpowering... 2% Ranged Crit?! That totally helps my Melee DPS! NERF NERF NERF! AND ALSO +5 Ranged?! omg, What were the dev's thinking when they gave wood elves CAKE AND PIE?!))

Faydwer Fashions: +5% to tailoring success.

((Grr, I can't believe they gave these to wood elves... there is so many things tailors can make...))

Forest Fire: Heat area of effect attack. 2 second cast, 1 minute cooldown.

((this Ability just needs nerfed... it is insane..., Look At Dark Envy and Fury of Innoruk! Those spells suck compared to Forest Fire... My god wood elves are Overpowered...))

Gift of the Faydark: 10% power reduction for fletching.


Light Footed: Reduces snare effects by 25%.

((I can't Remember how many times i've been snared in ROK! [this is really silly because there are no mobs above level 50 currently in the game that snare, just root - Fun Fact] This Spell is just borderline sick, Compared to 5% Runspeed!))

Natural Recovery: Out of combat power regeneration and stamina buff. 3 minute duration, 10 minute cooldown. ((Wow! Most other races ONLY GET Perminent +5 Parry or +5 Defence! THIS IS DEFINATLY OVERPOWERED!... PLUS THEY HAD THIS SKILL SINCE BEGINNING! And it still hasent been nerfed!))

Shield of Nature: Additional disease mitigation.

((this is prolly OP in some way, but I can't figure it out yet!))

Vitality of the Fier'Dal: +3% to maximum power.

((Who needs health anyways?  Im a Tank and health doesn't do anything for me!))

Wisdom of the Faydark: +5 to wisdom.

((Who needs stuff like this anyway? "Increase trigger amount per dose of poison by 25%." I don't know any scouts who use poisons!))


IMO, I think you get my point, Wood Elves are the most overpowered race for all classes and all archetypes and deserve a nerf, not only do they get the best spell! "Forest Fire" (Only Spell that requires 2 seconds to cast, not even Fury of Innoruk Or Dark Envy has a spell cast timer, its instant!) it does more damage then any other spell! 600! WOW GOOD GOING! Also it can effect up to 8 TARGETS!, Guess what? Most Endgame Encounters are all grouped!

Wood Elves also get 2% Ranged Critical Chance, which they had even before the racial Revamp! ((OVERPOWERED!!!))

Wood Elves also used to have an ability called "Wind Warrior" Which gave them 1% Block Chance/1% Parry Chance! But the Dev's removed it, Glad they did too! it was a great ability I took for granted when I started a wood elf tank!

Anyways, I just wanted to show people how overpowered our race was! SMILEY

{complaints are in red!}

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Old 10-16-2008, 01:36 PM   #2

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Is there a actual reason for this post?  Your obvesly just being sarcastic with everything and just looks like a bunch of whining.Please post this thread on the OTHER forum so you can be flamed properly.
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Old 10-16-2008, 01:45 PM   #3

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[email protected] wrote:
Is there a actual reason for this post?  Your obvesly just being sarcastic with everything and just looks like a bunch of whining.Please post this thread on the OTHER forum so you can be flamed properly.
He generally starts them to get people fighting.

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Old 10-16-2008, 02:14 PM   #4

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That's quite enough of that.
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