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Good evening,

Which class in your opinions do you believe is a stronger solo PvP class in the higher levels? (50+)

Keep in mind the following factors:

Character will be in good gear (mastercrafted or better with adornments) and at least adept III's. Character, starting around level 20, will have between 1.3-1.4 times their class level in AA. Speaking of AA, AA build will be centralized around solo PvP builds. Will have a plethora of potions, totems, and other clickie' and consumables to use at their disposal. Assuming I have adequate enough skill to utilise all of my character's abilities, knowing when to attack or defend, and knowing my enemy's class and their skill set. A solid connection, with only random lag spike's every now and then for who-knows-what reason.

Just want to make another alt class that is more "hollier-than-thou" in nature. Actually, someone who fights for the weak and helpless, is courageous, brave, intelligent fighter, mabye a little crazy, and are given the power of all that is holy (or mabye only part that is holy, who know's such things). The words 'knight' and 'shining armor' stand out. The templar class sounded fun and I know in higher levels, they can be quite beasts in pvp. Only problem is, I really dont like using crushing weapons, am more of a sword person. I've liked the paladin class, and at higher levels I've heard they can be hard to kill. So just asking other what their thoughts are on this subject.

Or, I can always make yet another brigand to add to the server /grin .. Seriously though, the brigand class sounds fun with their ability to solo via stunlocking pve encounters (I asked about soloability for a reason, I dont have the time to group much), put out good DPS if I am in a group, and of course, be effective in PvP. Only problem with that is, I dont like playing classes that are already overpopulated on the server to begin with.


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