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I have this thing called vision, and often times, it helps me see a glimpse of the hypothetical. Most curious though, am I about SOE's direction for development. *I am sorry for not categorizing with section titles.

P1.)Is it comely conciliation toward the energetic, niche customer base in their account pool?Is it a flagrant and sightless experimental pitch for a more prosperous type of playerbase?Or...Is it a repulsively repugnant, irrational mistreating of dedicated consumers, best ascribed to the numerous faux pas made by video game developers? Whoever is in charge of sales, whoever receives reports on this market segment, and whoever cares about producing a successful product that real people -- real humans (you know, people who have feelings and opinions spanning such a broad range) -- settle down to make use of as their object of recreation NEEDS to reevaluate, on a DIRE level, the management as well as EverQuest II visionaries.

P2.)Do you think any of your (developers, moderators, game masters, and guides -- this means "YOUR"SMILEY<img src=" width="15" height="15" /> commercial superiors respond with an inkling of value toward the revenue this corporate region makes on its returns? Do you think they hold their business' reputation at any level of esteem or dignity? How simple can sales and satisfaction be? Everyone UNDERSTANDS that you want a prospect walking away from the experience with POSITIVE SENTIMENT toward the treatment and quality of service received from their chosen vendor.

P3.)It almost seems like this was some Anti-Asian American stunt, meant to detract from the competence of Asian companies. Please, try to keep the dignity and integrity of your actual IMAGE at mind here. If the majority of your proportions (yes, you SOE employees) consist of Americans, can we at LEAST stand steadfast and give some sympathy to the corporation that is providing you your payroll? It's almost like someone (namely Seliri Dar'Yanne in "Norrath"SMILEY<img src=" width="15" height="15" /> could really, righteously say "How dare you command such conclusive considerations with such confined, contemptible crumbs of circumspection."

P4.)To actually see a VISIBLE variation in the steadiness and consistence of a "Player vs. Player" environment the DAY OF and the DAY AFTER the patch propagated its perversions is honestly, utterly putrid to me as a proposition. How poorly preconceived such a petty purpose was. A massive multitude of suggestions I am able to recollect after reading our community's responses. What would it mean to spend some time listening and considering your customer's concerns -- but then also, what would it mean to be of the class who can compromise and cooperate for a collective cornerstone?

P5.)· "Disable PvP encounters in T2 novice town zones"· "Scale mount buffs according to the player's relevant tier"· "Rennovate novice tutorials with current community cooperation"· "Reduce the PvP range from 4 to 2 in heavily active T2 zones (Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Woods, Timorous Deep)"· "Remove kill attribution and give combat XP (forced, regardless of lock) if attacking those on your recent -- IMPORTANT to know that this is nullified when those on your recent attack you, as killing them then would NOT tab you combat XP and WOULD tally onto your total playerkills"

P6.)Despite all of this -- "all" of the consumer complaints in regard to being stifled in attempts to level and "all" of the Tier Eight characters offering their cynical critiquing with that subliminal motive to complement their crowded conglomerate of company -- it awes me that those in such real-world, financial-grade business positions are so careless and cheap in their compassion for the citizens they "serve" all over the globe. Ever even deciding to detract from the capacity of lockers was detrimental to the denizens of your virtual netizens.

P7.)The mind-numbing mass of just complete neglect to the awesome array of aspects this game once attained as an accent to the dreary atmosphere held in PvE is atrociously asinine. Ardent and ADAMANT am I to consider this whole, near comedic, contradictive and hypocritical circumstance. Nobody really gives two hoots when they act as though they hold some hair of humor, poking while posing the name of the game rhetorically. The chiding, complacent commenters contend, "Uh, the game IS called EverQUEST, isn't it?"

P8.)Everyone with an eye-drop of excellence in examination could establish even a handful of embedded, earnest details essential to the enamor in the environment. For one, those who maximized AA XP would resultantly quest THE MOST. Not all PvP lockers would so constrain themselves in tier progression that they would never even envision the exhilaration of extra player enhancement (my motives moved me to scheme for a transition to Tier Four after a solid, elite Tier Three PvP guild was completed). I find it so disregarding for all of your schools to rest on your laurels and your "logic" behind such ludicrous "sense" on the subject.

P9.)From my personal experience, I had been one of the most extreme PvP lockers within Tier Two and Tier Three. Gradually, I grew from Tier Two and into Tier Three, often pushing to prosper so that I could afford all the Fabled Plate Armor player merchants posted for sale. I accumulated my wealth as a Tier One tradeskiller and harvester, pursuant of my penchant for perfection. I didn't want my first PvP toon possessing a poor K/D ratio, so I conferred to public channels and the community forums to detail a best plan of actioMn.

P10.)My history prior to PvP is menial and uninteresting, as I was a moderate, free-lance grouper attending the annals of Blackburrow, finishing up my PvE "career" on Kurindor Mythecnea as a level 43 Shadowknight and 43 Armorer. So, I had some background and knew how to set up my hotbars to respond to tradeskilling events. Also, of course, I had become acquainted with the majority (if not all) Tier One to Tier Five zones. Basically, I know how to play the game at an acceptable level. Seliri Dar'Yanne, my Nagafenian Shadowknight, was created on April 30th, 2006.

P11.)I played up until level 10, and am currently unsure as to my reasoning for abandoning EverQuest II temporarily after meeting my general in-game financial security (likely to recoup lost social contacts, lol). I have always been quite adept at responding to the needs of novices and, when actually involved with EverQuest II, am devoted to its durability when no defects have distributed destructive disdain and despair (as is currently the situation). For one, I think it is definitely understandable though, to consider some level of compassion for something you've enjoyed, with good enthusing, as a means of entertainment.

P11.)I would say that such is what would make a chivalrous customer, except in my time I had often little tolerance with those who would enact any effort in an erroneous, ornery, and oblivious opposition. Scathing and disrespectful my suggestions and criticality has often been. However, one thing I am at least able to ascertain is always an accomplished aggregation of acumen and analysis. This time especially would I be so inclined to interject with what I consider to be objective insight.

P12.)Content in virtual environments is built to be accessed, involved, and engaging for the player. This is an extremely vague premise for the pedigree of any modern gaming production. But, cracking such a creation is more than challenging -- it's a profession. Now here, contemplate with me as I did at 1 o'clock in the morning this fine December's Friday.

P13.)As a general concept for your concentration, do you think it compelling to CURTAIL the level of content a customer has for your service? Maybe if a few conditions were in place, such a move would be just minutely canny in its competence. And by these conditions, I mean VERY convincing commercial cultivation from the profits culled. Then, you can at least have quite the cut of confidence in consumer enjoyment had from your product as you make changes upon your flippant whimming.

P14.)In case nobody knew, there are actually pieces of FABLED ARMOR (enough to fully equip and customize a toon) in Tier Two and Tier Three. Interesting, as isn't this just that oh-so cherished staple of virtual goods we so crave? Yes, indeed. My fellow gamers, such a quality of video games (that facet known as "garb"SMILEY<img src=" width="15" height="15" /> is truly a corollary to content. In every RPG, your equipment is at least fifty percent of the capability behind your character, though that varies depending upon each respective game's disparity algorithms.

P15.)For example, a max-AA, fully Fabled level 50 shouldn't really hurt a level 80 simply because of the fact that, by means of relative quantization, the level 80 is at LEAST 100% more developed than the level 50 on plain terms of in-game "experience" had by the toon. But, this SHOULD be a given, though it isn't (and I think that this is sometimes still a nuisance for some of the high-tier players in EverQuest II). Though, beside that digression, further extrapolation ought be exuded.

P16.)So too are expandable traits part and parcel to the properties of profusely pleasant powers and potential. AAs fit squarely as EverQuest II's self-customizable area for asset optioning. The more you can diversify your actual character's repertoire in ability relative to other players, the greater need for excellence to achieve individuality, ferocity, and tenacity. In EverQuest II, AAs are the shadow of what this conception could really be if deep brooding was divvied in a manner of discerning distribution (that of which would be meant to make upon this system further exaggeration).

P17.)Now this may escape quite an array of developers, but ALWAYS in a big hit title do you want to include at LEAST three NOVELTY, INTUITIVE, and CLINCHING underpinning tactics and mechanics. Preferably, you want twelve, and in a MMORPG, (on a recommended but not required plane) 5 utilities with such attributes ought be available to all of the public, three to each class, and more divvied RESPECTABLY to checkpoints for positive and collective guild, group, and raid consequences. Plus, you want a good marketing campaign (Blizzard as a name brand most surely helps -- this is a given, but commercials could at least be in store).

P18.)Mostly, in grave consummation, the paragraph just prior makes a succinct summation of EverQuest II's designation into deplorable degradation. Sure, crafting, brokering, grouping, raiding, guilding, and mounts are moderately alluring accessories to accounts of actuality in this realm's virtual reality. Lately, however, it seems that content has made progressive recession away from the lesser tiers. Raids in Tier Two used to exist. Grouping for PvE used to be more challenging (in particular, in T3 zones).

P19.)Not only were collective engagements once more enthralling, but personal ones were as well. Recently, I have heard, the market suffered a setback and the economy fell into a recession, maintaining gameplay's steady dip into an ever so transparent track due to receive such nice rending in a manner just inevitably impending. In such a climactic culmination, away many players your decisions are sending, as maybe the heralding of EverQuest II's lively ending.

P20.)With so many features frollicking in a fumbled manner only so jumbled, it is no wonder interest now creeps asunder. Consistent blunder upon blunder has brought many to abandon that which they thought was once as though teeming thunder. As the remaining components available to all (besides the actual PvP element) continued to fall, the one true specialty kept complete fragmenting in its secluded stall. Mounts and runspeed honestly needed to be gauged for their tier as if to properly steer the PvP environment toward a comely cheer.

P21.)Clearly though, something of sense that was only in stow as part of your strategy that you'd forego (SOE), is the reknown and glow a popular character of esteem could sow and continually tow. For new people creating characters, actual, real toon icons serve as a basis for rallying and inspiring fellow countrymen. Always when I was active and not preoccupied by intense PvP, greenhorns with questions on how to secure an approach that wouldn't leave them torn, advice I would administer to keep their spirit lit like it was newly born.

P22.)And I mention the whole invigorating intervention of truly one-of-a-kind players, as such is what initiates others to seek betterment and expertise. Many times would I handle a starting player's questions, willing to accept and foster the commitment to excellence in my profession. People would come to me as a known helper (though many had an affront toward me due to my often abrasive tone with the aforementioned players who enacted their efforts in erroneous, ornery, and oblivious opposition).

P23.)Leaving a chance to further assemble and build the depth of a character (through equipment, AA's, and mount type) will resolutely achieve a populace with a further engrained understanding and awareness of the obligations expected. There used to be meaning to all of that material once regarded as TIER TWO and TIER THREE content. Why purchase or farm for Tier Two Fabled when you'll transcend to the next tier in under an hour if you know what you're doing (or actually gloomily longer than that if you truly have nobody in Tier Eight to aid your planned level 80 and want to quest for AAs)?

P24.)Activity will scatter and pale in comparison to its past volume. Many people totally treasure the ability to control their pace for progression regardless of experience potentially gained from combat. People engaged in such an act of moderation for a variety of reasons. Some truly enjoyed exploring and completing every little morsel of quest and zone constituents. Others' objectives were to obtain an even footing with friends. And yes, portions of our population locked for further Fabled articulation.

P25.)But something calling for a frame of retrospect certainly contains the demeanor and attitude of so many players here. Perpetually presumptuous, it seems many bull-headed, stubborn players pain themselves to provoke those whose style of gameplay toward which they say nay. Such is fit only to at rest lay, for be it as it may, such behavior of immodest indignance doesn't pay in any worthwhile way. To assume and purport that all lockers are unskilled green farmers only relays your developmental delays.

P26.)Often, I would group with characters 4-6 levels above me and PvP with them to attain greater faction and more higher tier tokens (with, of course, no impetus for that except sport). So long as the general numbers were even, for conflict, stationary was my choice picked. I laugh though at this air of superiority Tier Eight players have -- as if they don't stomp greens when they straddle turf in proximity to you. Everyone kills greens sometimes, and everyone dies as a green as well. This is such a red herring argument used on these forums that, to me, it's older than any commercial for Tums.

P27.)If SOE was sincerely ingrained with an iota of intuition and innovation, the return to debt at death, no AA limitations (beyond the max number of course), and actually operating combat experience locks would welcome the adherence and allegiance to the maximizing of this game's once-held substance. So much for the loyalty so many of your fans fielded your servers with. Should SOE really seek to be voluntary voices of vision, all that would be required is an implementation of the five suggestions found in paragraph five (as well as a reversion to the gamestate where dedicated dispersion was the standard intensifying, metaphoric surgeon [i.e. see the list of what to return to early in this paragraph, number twenty-seven]).

Yours truly,Seliri Dar'YanneLVL 26 ShadowknightAcolytes of GuileFreeport of Nagafen#9 in PvP SK Kills

(P.S. Is a company, with its reputation of reliability and customer servicability on the line, as callous as the most partisan of its own customers?)

(P.S.#2. For SOE's sake, let's hope no video game editors grab hold of this tid bit of information in regard to EverQuest II's current PvP position.)

(P.S.#3. What the flip happened to in-game polls and questionnaires? Lol. Sorry, I just remembered. WoW-clone FTW, right?)

(P.S.#4. Every kid with a lemonade stand knows the customer values choice.)

(P.S.#5. In response to dialogue on another thread, expecting anyone to have ninety to one hundred percent of their AA XP at level 80, with this current system, is ludicrous. [Rattface])

(P.S.#6. In response to dialoge on another thread, supposing that fortitude in EverQuest II is in no way reliant upon the PvE experience is ridiculous. [Captain Apple Darkberry])

(P.S.#7. People who have played in acclimation to locking have a lengthy history with SOE and the EverQuest titles. They should be respected.)

(P.S.#8. Given that Live Update #41 was only on the Test servers for 7 days, it seems suited that SOE had actually sought to push through this change as soon as possible. Hopefully, it was due to pushing Frostfell out expediently and not the PvP server population nerf.)

(P.S.#9. This is not my account posting, only a friendly poster who agreed to list my thread.)

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Oh look, yet another new thread started on how horrible SOE is for unlocking PvP xp, written by someone with the mistaken impression they speak for everyone./looks around for Moderator to merge this one with the other 234,343 thread mergers...
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You should change your handle to "Elegant Elliot Offen".
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Wow, that was one hell of a post. You must have got the dictionary out for that one, I have absolutely no idea what you just said. From the title I can guess your are not happy with the locking.I'm sure the powers that be will have great interest on your over-long monologue and take all you have to say to heart. Well done for spanning so many paragraphs (I actually mean that), I'm sure you probly had some good information and research in there somewhere, care to pull out the juicy bits and say what you really mean SMILEY.
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Well said!

Though it took me a while to sort it out!

Thanks for taking the time to write it!

Sorry to say it will change nothing!

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Maybe im wrong but I think they were wanting to say," you shouldnt crap where you sleep."

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Very original and eloquently written. No matter how much you pretty it up however.. its still just lipstick on a pig.Seems all the kicking and screaming is no longer working, so the twinks are sending in the Poets. What's next.. gonna hire a mime? XDSeriously, this horse is getting beaten pretty badly. Almost unidentifiable at this point. All the valid points have been made for the developers to consider and either implement or discard at their discretion. Those of us in favor sat around a LONG time waiting for this issue to be addressed. You too can be patient and hope that at some point down the road they re-address it.In the meantime.. restating the same arguments over and over again.. in new threads.. is not going to help your cause.
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Do not make new threads on topics already being discussed elsewhere.
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