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Just thought I'd mention it here.  I've started a PVP feedback thread.  It'd be nice to keep it to factual first-hand experiences of PVP-Test for the dev's to get a clear picture of how things are working.


Maybe use this thread or the sticky for comments/complaints/suggestions etc.

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Brigands are almost completely [Removed for Content] now. My brigand on nagafen was named bizzare, i am not playing the toon any longer, but today i logged him in on the test server just to see the changes.. My first fight was with a non titled lvl 63 warden, i am level 70 all adept 3 or master, and 3 pieces of pvp gear.  We fought for a good 30 seconds, which everyone who plays on the pvp servers knows is about 20 seconds to long if you dont want someone else to jump in.  At the end of the fight i was at 4% health and he was dead... this is someone 7 levels below me. Next i fight a 70 zerker, zerkers are always a tough fight for a melee class, but this was ridiculous, when i died 4 seconds later he was still in green health, that was a fair straight one v one, with the appropriate /bow to start,  so i revive, buff up and come back in for a sneak attack just to see the results.. this time he was in yellow when he was teabagging my body. So i head out to sinking sands, Dreadnaught peregrine (70 mystic) from nagafen was there.  On the test server you can talk in OOC to opposite factions, we chatted then had a one v one, he prebuffed and warded, when the fight ended about 15 seconds later he was still at 100% health and 60% and he NEVER HAD TO CAST A SINGLE HEAL.  So i revive and say lets try again this time no pre wards, all he does is heal, once again owned in the face with him in yellow health and plenty of power. Next I finally win a fight, i found the only class they gimped more than a brigand, rangers.  Privan from venekor is there and from what i saw out of the 2 fights i had with him was that rangers all need to get the M1 of any melee attack they have cause if they dont get the drop they have 0 chance. Next was a twinked out templer from Guk, how pve toons got on the pvp test server i have no idea, but what i do know is that if your a healer when this goes live and dont get an overseer title, you should quit the game.  Once again brigand dead healer 100% health 55% power.  If this all goes live then you will see alot of brigands quitting the game or rerolling, i never said brigands weren't somewhat OP, but the nerf they just got makes them almost completely useless solo.  The reason i played a scout class was because my personality leans towards solo play when pvping.  The most overpowered class now without a doubt will be the furies, they have plenty of heal power to combat the non-existent dps now, and enough dps to kill other healers. Ackiles 55 Bruiser Bizzare 70 brig
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