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I was an on/off EQ1 player for a long time with a love/hate relationship to the game. Thought I'd try EQ2 out and just wanted to say how much i like it so far. The ranger is just how i wanted it to be in EQ1, good at sneaking around, ok fighter but crumples quick against the tougher mobs or groups, heavily reliant on the bow. Just great. Love it.

Visually very nice, lots of quests that have meaningful rewards etc.  I very much like the Qeynos newbie zones.

Levelled up through Antonica so far. Thought i'd mention a few things that struck me. I mostly like the zone, particularly like how certain mobs are clustered into certain areas so if you're an explorer type player you get to learn that the particular mob for a quest is west of a certain tower etc, but there were a few things i thought could make it a bit better.

1) More of a day/night cycle. For example, the miners and foresters turning into gnoll miners/foresters at night. Highwaymen to gnoll ambushers--maybe spawning closer to the road at night too. Forest wardens to timeberclaw gnolls. Also the gnolls feel very randomly placed at present. I think the zone would feel more alive if they were concentrated more around their bases during the day and over a wider area at night. Generally making it noticably more scary at night.

2) Some Tier2 wanderers or just general wanderers to keep you looking over your shoulder. Something like a named level 20 miniboss gnoll with a couple of pals who patrols from camp to camp. Maybe just at night. Or a pack of normal wolves that wander round aggroing on the wildlife. (Seeing mobs fight each other always makes a zone feel more real.) East of the river maybe a lost giant from thundering steppes who wanders about a bit in a certain area flattening anything it bumps into. Stuff like that with specific paths and day/night cycles give explorer type players things to learn about a zone.

3) Some of the quests involving getting book pages off animals don't make a lot of sense. Still fun just felt a bit strange. I may have missed some but I didn't see any quests involving the bloodsabers, dark coven or highwaymen mobs and book page quests would make more sense with humanoid mobs imo. Also, if you're an RP type or even a semi-RP tye one of the quests involves having to kill the forest wardens without any real basis for why--seeing as a qeynos ranger is sposed to be a goodie, that felt a bit weird. It would be better imo if that part of the quest involved a more obvious baddie mob.

 Still enjoyed the zone though. Just not as much as Oakmyst/Peat Bog/Ruins/Caves all of which i thought were brilliantly designed.

 Overall great stuff. Worth the money SMILEY

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