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Old 02-28-2007, 04:52 AM   #1

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I was looking through some old pen&paper rpg a few days ago and stumbled over an article about necromancers, how one could enrich them and diverse them from each other. How they took a special pet for themselves, a black rat, zombiefied cat or something else fitting for a necromancer. This got me thinking that perhaps the next expansion could focus on adding more quests and items geared to the different classes, some gear could be crossclass, so doing one thing could benifit more of the community. I see it might be tough to add equally much to every class, so the more who can use one item the better. Basiclly the items could work like a new way of AA/Level/Abilities where the we improve our chracters through items or similar things. As a shadowknight it would be fun to be able to design and put some of myself into a powerful sword, make it personal through finding items to bind into it, this could be assembled by a weaponsmith when I got all the parts needed. Make them craft the actual sword and forge powerful items into them of my choice. That way I could personilize my own sword, perhaps I want it to be black with red glowing runes and have a life leach, some other shadowknight might want it to have blue particle effect and a cold damage. Mix how to get the items by random drops, quest rewards and so on, so gaining all the items needed might take some time but it should be a rewarding journey to get there. Crafters could have quests to learn how to craft these powerful items. The concept of this idea is not to make special sword for only shadowknights but to rather let us choose from a many different sword types and which powers to forge into them, that way we cover most of the classes wielding swords. Same could go for shields, axes, armor and so on. More lore and quests for classes and races, perhaps add a few race specific items/mounts/abilities as well. Perhaps not add any more landmass with the next expansion but instead add more dungeons from solo to raid parties. Maybe the old designs can be reused for this, if one could choose what color the weapon/armor/etc should have, then forge items into them that will add stats, special effects, etc. The goal is to give us more choices how to gear our characters, as I see it now it (might be wrong here) feels like class X should use item Y and there isnt any real choices. While some unique class items is nice I think we need to have more choices, its not fun to have everything mapped out when you choose your class and to get there is just a long "grind".
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Old 03-05-2007, 07:59 PM   #2

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i fully agree here, more customization and twinking your toon the way you want it is much better option than entering new tier and starting SAME grind over again when in same time looking back and seeing as all those t7 stuff fades away becouse no one would play with them when they subpar to new shiny tier toys
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Old 03-06-2007, 12:15 PM   #3

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This is a great post with a lot of detail and attention put into the thought but the bottom line with 99% of the players for what they want is to have the biggest, bestestest, hardest hittingest, mostest damagingest, gear and highest stats/resists possible and will seek out the most optimal way of doing just that.

With all of the options that people can take with their aa-lines, You will find every class has "the optimal setup" to accomplish the greatest results that their class role dictates.  Part of this is also due to SOE's lack of imagination for gear.  Allow me to explain.  The aa's that we can get also revolve around a weapon of choice.  As an assassin, my STR line focuses partially on my using a slashing weapon.  My INT line focuses on me having a piercing weapon in my primary.  The 90% of weapons an assassin will ever want are piercing, 5% are slashing and the rest just kinda fill in the gaps.  Because of that, we are somewhat boxed in with the skills we choose.  Of course we do not have to use the weapons that the AA-line's work with but to not do so also tends to limit what we can do.  Not by much but it is one less skill available to use.

I dont know how something like that affects other classes since my assassin is my main and none of my alts are over L30, lol.  But as an assassin, going with anything else (so far as i have seen) besides STR and INT are a waste and will actually reduce your effectiveness.

What you have thought out here has great potential but i can only imagine that it would go the same route as aa's have already.

I have many times wished i could go back to the PnP days and throw dice around but the group i played with have all gone their separate ways.  I tried a little while back to join up with a new group but it just didn't "feel" the same.

You also want to be careful about the idea of "cross-class" anything.  That's a razor edge that is best left alone because people get very protective of their class abilities and do not want to share it with anyone else for fear of becoming obsolete or unwanted...  Take the bridge Amazing Reflexes skill for example, in one way or another many other classes were given a watered down version and their version was nerfed to meet what others had.  NOT a happy topic for brigands.

I personally am of the opinion that adding more levels is NOT the answer.  I rue the day that EQ2 breaks the L70 skill cap.  I might be able to accept L75 after 2 expansions but the day it hits 80 i am done.  (and yes, whoever wants my stuff can have it)

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