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I am a bit of a book collector ... or at least I am starting to be.  Is there a list of books somewhere that lists all the placeable books and where to get them?  I have searched the usual sites, Ogaming etc, but I haven't been able to find one.
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I don't see a complete list of the books and where to get them, but I do know of a couple of sources for some of the info you want.  Here is a link for most of the creature mastery books and where to get them:http://home.comcast.net/~to-ryan/eq2/mastery/There is also a nice library of in-game books, but unfortunately this guide doesn't tell you where to get the books, just allows you to read them.  Still, you might enjoy taking a look, it's a very nice library!http://www.eiwyn.arcanya.com/
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There is a fairly substantial listing in this thread ---
I'm not entirely sure it's complete, but it IS very helpful --- print out the post, and when you come across one that's not in the list you can add it *g*
Keep in mind they're redoing ALL the book quests, eventually, to be somewhat easier to obtain/complete. I assume they'll still happen in their original zones, though. In any case as long as you get a copy you'll be gtg (as far as being a collector)
* edit -- looking over the list I see a few things that would be confusing for a new book collector, figured to clarify them here.
1. History of .... books are all in one, ie History of Gnomes parts 1, 2, and 3 are all the same tome you just complete them in different sections. Don't waste time trying to hunt down additional copies *g* They all are sold from the Sage in their respective towns -- this is bad if you didn't get your copy before they made it so you can't sneak/buy from opposing npc's SMILEY   (you COULD start an opposing alt to get them if you're that hardcore collect the books type)
2. Some books he has as "Misc" and where they actually drop --
*History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol I - III  Drop in Runnyeye
*The Pawn - Enchanted Lands **I THINK!**
*Words to Remember, by Mother Deasie - Rivervale
*The Leatherfoot Tales(all 6 of them) aren't a drop, you obtain these through talking to the NPC at the foot of the stairs to the dock in EL. Some of them DO take you into Rivervale though. I can't remember her name, she's a lil halfling type guard though, and she talks to you. (starts the progressive quests, you gotta follow them through to the end and through various npc's)
*check the sage in your town, they sell MANY book starter tomes. Many listed under various zones actually start on those tomes purchased from your sage.
*Some creature cataloging books start with the sage in your town. Others are obtained off of Distressed Merchants in the zone. Clear the distressed merchant (kill all surrounding mobs) and a gratified merchant will pop. That merchant will either buy your loot at a very good price (bah) or will sell you things --- catalog starters included (yay)
*L&L (creature mastery) books are harvested starts -- this page has a link to where you can find the starter at:
Some books are harvested in Qeynos towns after you hit a certain level.(40-45 I think it was) Ask around on the server if you need someone to point them out. I'm not sure if there's similar books in the Freeports or not, my alts are lower leveled there. I think if you can sneak into the town, you could get them anyway but not sure the ease of sneaking into Qeynos Harbor. Could also start an alt.  Some that are this way --- Over Halas, End of the Rending, Collapse(maybe?) Remembering Rivervale, Memories of Misty Thicket, Deep Marshes, The Lady of the Lake, Through the Rathe Mountains.
That's all I can think of, for now, regarding the list SMILEY

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Thanks for the info Yirabeth. :smileyhappy:
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