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Old 02-08-2005, 08:25 PM   #1

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I've been noticing something strange over the past week or so - probably since about the big patch went through...
Am currently 28 troubador - used to use Aria's so I'm familiar with how it worked. Whenever it procced, there was a little explosion that emanated around the target. Since the patch, this still happens, but I don't see any proc messages.
Here's the strange thing, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed:
I stopped using Aria's completely ( replaced it with mana). My song lineup is Rousing tune, Raxyl, mana, and merciless. Oddly enough, I am still seeing random proccing occurring on my targets. More importantly, every time it happens, my power bar dips slightly (as if each proc sucks my power out).
Anyone else notice this, or can explain it? I'm just dualwielding normal steel rapiers (nothing special there). This is occurring on normal mobs (normal crabs in Thundering Steppes). Am I missing something or am I getting random unexplainable proccing?
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This proc-ing you are seeing is the lovely "benefit" of Elises Ditty. That chance you get to interrupt casters comes at the
price of your power. I do not know if this is intended or not, but it really makes the song unusable in some situations. Otherwise its a nice little song. I posted earlier today in a different forum if a Dev could verify if the power usage on the proc is intended or not. If its intended, I would love to hear the justification. If I cast an interrupt spell (because I see my target casting) and I consume power, thats fine. Its not fine to randomly take my power away when it may or not not be beneficial at all when I (and I'll bet most Troubs) use the song primarily for the added Agility benefit.
If you are not using Elises and notice this happening, I really don't know what it could be. I have not noticed it. Upon thinking about it, I think you are right about not getting a proc message from Aria though- I figured they had just "tuned" the already miserable proc rate.
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