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Oni Tana

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I'll keep this short and sweet as I have seen some fairly long messages regarding wards.
I am not taking a side as I feel I haven't the right to do so being so low level at this point and time.
I am only lvl20(had 70 shaman)
Played EQ1 for 5 years(but totally realize and enjoy the difference in EQ2) so I realize what an inept healer is alllll about.
Most of the statements seem to boil down to lack of mitigation for wards.
It is not fair that other priests heals account for mitigation.
In addition, its the "style" moves abilities etc.. that are tearing up the wards in one or two shots.
Slow being a factor in this doesn't count because it doesnt affect speed of "style" moves that are doing the majority of the damage.
End of statement.
So if one side is going to argue that wards are useless because they dont count for mitigation, and they only soak up one hit at higher levels and slow isn't a factor because the real damage comes form those "styles" then.....
The fact that mitigation has ZERO affect on said "styles" should not the be the complaint... AMOUNT of damage warded would seem to be the better fix.
It is hypocritical to say that our wards suck because they go off before mitigation and then say that only the "style" attacks of the enemy do any significant damage.
Just a thought. I like my Mystic at this point but as I stated, I am too low level to have an opinion as to what "needs" to be changed.
2 Priest stacking in same group ideas will be for another post SMILEY
P.S. If I am totally off base please inform me as to what I misconstrued.
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