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As of this typing, I still have my Beastlord's epic unfinished.  My efforts to rally help to hit the DoV dungeons for updates have failed, repeatedly.  Even attempts to hire other players like mercenaries to help have largely fallen on deaf ears.  I've not given up yet, but I wonder if I should wait for Chains of Eternity, to reach 95 and try again.  Not sure if that will help, since people will have even less incentive to touch DoV then.  What concerns me is the incentive to finish it. 

Even if I can finish the dungeons and solo the rest of the timeline to get the Fabled version, I know I'll never see the Mythical.  Most never will - The sole update to do so lies within outdated but still mercilessly tough content few have cleared.  It surprises me, since after all most epics became easier to finish after a time.  Yet here we are almost a year later and the Beastlord epic remains no less difficult to obtain.  Worse still, the Foundation of Stone: Challenge Mode raid was among those left behind when the Drunder Hard Mode loot was boosted, cutting any capable raider's incentive to go back there to almost nil.  At this point, the Beastlord Mythical for virtually all will remain unreachable.

Which leads me to wonder about Chains of Eternity.  Those that have their Beastlord Fabled Epic will undoubtedly find their hardware lacking compared to lv95 weapons, which will leave those wanting the chance to siphon the full effect of that which they worked hard for, an opportunity all other classes were granted long ago.  The question is, will it happen?  If it will, that will be all the incentive I need to keep pushing towards the Fabled Epic.  If not, it may be hard to find a reason to finish the Epic at all. 

In an era where players are often expected to have their full Epic powers gained in order to even be taken seriously, will Beastlords ever get their chance?

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no, BLs won't get an 'Epic Repercussions' in fact the BL epic comes with Epci repercussions done. the BL fabled grants you a buff like epic repercussions does, and even the 'fabled' epic is better then the 'converted' old mythical.

and from what I gather, the only weapons better then the BL myth are from the PoW raid zone. so yeah, the BL myth is insanely powerful and will probably remain simply to the raiders.

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Doable, not quit simple ^^

But, we will see, what CoE come with.... anyhow a mythic weap for all (questbased) lvl 95 would be sweet.... for any reason.

If not, i want a quest, to get the mytic ^^

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