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some of it was fun some of it was more frustration than fun and i can see low dps toons not even getting threw the timeline let alone in the zones without help. I ran a fury and a illy threw duo reg and heroic zones, here is list of some of the frustration parts that need to be looked at or adressed.

So tried a couple duo zones zerker and fury it took about 30 min per boss to take down and thats not counting time on trash so over 1 hour 30 min depending on the number of bosses per zone the loot table really was not worth the time, for low dps class i don't see them even being able to do some of the boss fights since some of the boss heal up know 1 of the zones we left after 30 min of trying to kill the boss as he kept healing more than we can take it down using every acession spell we had every time they were up. so please take another pass on the zones.

Crafting ok it takes 10 reg mats per combine you get if your lucky maby 9 % per writ (with vitility, potion, and gear for xp) without having the crafting quest line in I cant judge how much it will do xp wise you can do the math on how many mats its going to take on leving a crafter from 100 to 110. I heard rumers that the pony or Guild Hall gathers wont be upgraded to bring back mats for this new tier if that is the case trying to get mats to lev 9 crafters is probly not going to happen for me.

so what i have seen is another xpac that is not going to be alt friendly the difrence is this round will add crafter to the not friendly list as well as adv.

For low dps toons the zones are going to be more frustration than fun looking at the shear amout of xp it takes to get from level 11 to 12 on acession classes yea not alt friendly last xpac almost made me Quite the game from the shear amount of grinding trying to keep 2 raid toons up, getting the epic 2.0 ect this xpac i've decided to go to 1 raid toon and let my other acc go ftp at least untill i see if things change.

In closeing there are many fun aspects to the scripts and the zones that i really enjoyed but the shear amount of hit points trash and bosses have in the zones take the fun aspects out making them a time sink. The amount of mats to get from lev 100 to 110 the pony and gh hirelings not being upgraded if the rumor is true will make gatering mats to lev crafters another time sink. While i have more time than most the time sinks are burning me out on a game I used to love.
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It will be more alt friendly than last xpac, just not crafter alt friendly this xpac. They are leaving in the gear guy up front so alts can have gear to start with, if needed and you haven't geared your alts during all this double loot weeks we've been given. The Tradeskill line will be put in after launch sometime (yes this hurts TS people, including myself), they just have to tweak and figure out when/how/where they going to put it in. You get book on the quest line to help level your ascension as well now. You should be in beta scaling gear to try all these zones as you will get the appropriate levels of stats when zoned in. ( not saying you don't, just making sure) The pony will be upgraded when the TS line goes in, (yes this one makes us all mad, however we've just come to realize we don't program and write code in the game and they will upgrade when they feel necessary). They have not decided on the guild harvesters yet. They may upgrade them, however they said it probably won't be until mid expansion cycle. You can read the 9 pages of data on main forums and like 7 pages of data on beta about the harvesters, but it is what it is.
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