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Ok so with the changes this xpac there are a few additional items to the list of useless troub abilities that need to be brought into line with current mechanics (since we never had a repass since launch)

Elemental Concerto & Arcane Symphony - As a troub I love these spells, a raidwide resist buff and with AAs can add a small ward and a cure chance.  Well with resists WAY up and hp as well, why were these not adjusted?  2k resists when the raid has over 40 isn't anything like it was back when resists are half that.  Also the ward at 500ish was ok when aoe's were tuned to people with less than half the HP as these days.  Both these spells need to be adjusted.

Bria's Inspiring Ballad - Always been useless... more now with inflated mana numbers.  At master its a whole 79 power per tick... ARE... YOU... SERIOUS?!?  If you have no REAL power regen it will help about as much as sturdy boot for the one legged guy in an butt kicking contest.  Its something, but not really.

Rejuvinating Celebration - Its always been lame, but it makes the list even moreso now.  At master it adds 189 hp regen and 972 hp to the group... pathetic given the attribute changes and inflated hp values currently.  I probably would never cast it anyway but its insulting in its current form.

There are bunch of others, mainly related to primary stat changes (ie potm can use an int buff now that overall int is higher on gear, the 111 is an effective nerf) but those above are the mose egregious.  The raid buffs I'd be most interested in having adjsuted, but please feel free to add your own.  In the past bards really don't get much attention by the devs, and even when we do its the dirges that get attention, I figure its good to have a punch list ready for when our time comes.

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