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on my hot bar is a picture of a pet spell.  It contains the picture of my fire battle pet I use in BG;s. It is the highest level spell casting pet.  Today, after my pet died in BG, I go to click on my pet spell icon in that hot bar.  My main pet is gone and replaced by an air pet.  I remove the pet picture and must get another pet picture from my Spell book.  It takes time. I fix it. 

I die again. Again I see that my Main and only pet picture on my hot bar is now MISSING and replaced by another random picture of a pet I don''t need.  I must spend more time getting my right pet out from the spell book. I die because of it.  I am now spending precious minutes having to get the correct pet THAT I ONLY USE from the spell book Again, and Again and Again.

I left and right click on the pet picture in my hot bar and this 4 by 5 grid of all my pets of all levels pops up. This is an old problem I thought was gone months ago.

Everytime my pet dies, the pet spell icon in the hot bar is randomly selecting a new pet of any level of any pet to put in there.  Who thought of putting this spell grid there? GET IT OFF OF MY HOT BAR!  QUIT selecting pets for me! GET THAT GRID OFF  MY HOT BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't play like this.  I thought i got rid of that GRID months ago! Having to find and search for my correct pet spell is costing me game lives and time and is agrivating me to yelling at the game.  This is a game breaker.

October 25, 2012

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This is has been around since the introduction of beastlords. Its been complained about many times before. WE DO NOT WANT THIS SOE! Fix CONJIES!!!

Now... quite sadly, as most bugs, there is a work around (which is why I believe is the reason they slack at actually fixing it...)

Right click your pet spell on hotbar, and select create macro. Add a step, but don't put anything there. That should solve your problem. Do that for all your pets on your bar. This should prevent the pet grid from popping up when you right click, and should also prevent from your pet spells magically changing to other pets/lower level pets when you didn't do anything.


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