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Hello Smile

Both Prestige point increases pot or cb by 0.8% of the caster's primary attribute.

Since both base value on item has been increases (2-3k in original ToT, to 16-20k pot), but the primary attribute remain pretty much the same on item, or worse, since we will need to change kerafyrm charm (20% static increases all attributes).. Primary attribute will drop or remain the same.

Both prestige spell are now outdated, for the player how chose to mix point (4-5 in pot/cb, hp coversion, ecc ecc), is better to put point in Inbued Sight or Undeniable Power.. (increase the amount of cb/pot gained by %).

Any change to update the prestige AA? Maybe put the Kerafyrm's Rites effect in? Tongue
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Even if theyre outdated, still better options than the other three lines. Really should look into all three so there could be some debate which ones to pick. As of now, those are the only two even slightly viable options
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