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    A friend and I are under 18, but we are going with my parents to the fan faire.  They will be at the hotel, but are not going to the fan faire itself.  I was reading the parent/legal guardian register thing on the registration page, and I saw that my friend and I would be accompanied by an adult?  I don't understand who this adult will be lol... would my parents be able to buy a classic pass and just come with me?  Also, if my parents are at the hotel, anyway, why can't my friend and I attend the fan faire without an adult following us around.  It seems very hindering and I don't think I would enjoy myself quite as much.  Could someone please explain to me how all of this works?Another thing:    If I register my two guests, is it my pass = total for guests and myself? Or is it my pass + guest passes = total?  If there would be an adult that has to accompany us, I would rather have one parent as my guest, and my other parent as my friend's guest... unless these "adults" accompanying us are cool and can have fun with us.  I don't want to be stuck with a jerk that doesn't let me do anything =S.  Another thing is that if my friend and I register separately without my parents accompanying us, will there be two separate adults with us even though we will be there together?  Thanks

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Hello.  An adult must be with you at all times during the Fan Faire (not just somewhere in the hotel).  You can register your parents for the classic pass and then they can attend all of the events with you.  We will not provide an adult for you.  SMILEY  An adult must register with you during the registration process.

Regarding registration costs, your pass + guest passes = total.    It would be best if you registered with 1 parent as your guest and then your friend registered with the other parent as his guest.  At any given time, you may be asked by the Fan Faire or hotel staff to provide ID, and once it is discovered that you are under 18, you will be asked to introduce your parent or guardian.  So, at any given time within the Fan Faire event areas, at least one parent must be there with the both of you.  Sorry to put you through so much trouble, but there are rules and laws we have to follow in order to conduct this event.  SMILEY

Hope this helps.

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