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Need some advice please. Is there a spell order when fight the mob's?


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Muskratt wrote:

Need some advice please. Is there a spell order when fight the mob's?


i dont think your going to get anyone here holding your hand through a whole cast order.

the only advice i can offer is...

read your combat art descriptions. actually study and learn what they do. practice on training dummys altho that becomes way less effective when your dps starts to get ridiculous they die too fast.

and spell order is variant based on situation. are you talking about solo? raiding? grouping? pretty vague question man...

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I have to agree with Lilnut on this, your question is very vague. But here's the general answer: lowest recast to highest. There are exceptions to this, like AoE fights, harder mobs that need to be kited, etc. But seriously, you really need to be able to think for yourself with this kind of stuff. DPS isn't something that comes when you mash buttons, it comes when you can think quick and adapt to the situation at all levels of the game.
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I highly recommend starting over with a new class. I came back and have a 83 necro and an 80 wizard, but i just decided to start over with a ranger and enjoyed bringing her up.

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