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So the sonic barrier effect apparently has been breaking mezz. Its a vital spell to always have on due to the 303 agil and 25% base avoid and mitigation bonus.

Apparently most mobs in DoV can cast through mez, it only works as a root now-days. When they cast, it triggers the damage shield and breaks mez. This mechanic being the way it is, makes the last boss of drunder x2 very annoying, especially because this spell is something that most/all troubs keep on 24/7. I had to do extensive searching in my parses to figure out this was the problem.

This mechanic to me just sounds broken/buggy. Anyway you can look into this?

Sikbick, Troubador of Antonia Bayle

Azure Skies
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Since the mob is still hitting you and the buff is still procing damage when you are damaged, it is working exactly as intended, just in a very inopportunely and really annoying manner thanks to the mob's behavior and the fact that you're having to use mez to root the mob.

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