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Old 10-06-2012, 03:23 AM   #1

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Hey yall I'm lookin to roll a dps character that I can solo with. As in solo I mean solo dungeons (with a merc of course). I plan on AA locking it so I can build up alot of AA as I go along. I'd like something that could get me into groups at higher level content.

It's hard gathering info on this game at this point because most of the info out there is at least 2 years old and I know alot has changed since then. I know a conjurer can solo really well from what I understand but they also aren't really wanted at end game, unless I read something wrong.

I'm in no hurry to hit end game, hence the AA locking as I level. So yeah, I was just curious which of the good aligned DPS classes would be what I'm looking for. Or am I going to have a hard time doing what I want to do with a dps class?

I don't care if it's a melee or caster and don't need a play what you like answer because I already have a toon that I'm playing that I like =p.

Thank you for any answers and I appreciate all help given =)

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These says you can molo (solo with merc) just about any at level content, including heroic, until you hit 80 or so with any class.

Pick a class you like and go with it.

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Bremethor Uthorzant

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 By all accounts the conjuror is still a great solo class and does some amazing DPS at end game. I know some that hit anywhere between 200K+ in groups. Although i am sure that number can get much bigger depending on the kind of content player they are.

 I have seen and read a lot of information through different facets of the game and i do notice that its fairly easy to solo a brigand class since they have alot of great positional damage based abilities that can be triggered in solo play not to mention their abilities in general are usually well garnered during end game. 

 That being said i would also like to point out that with the right mercenary at your disposal you can make any of the great DPS classes in this game work very well for solo play. Ever since the merc's hit in game i have noticed it feels much easier to work on solo content as i am a strongly solo player. I am not sure if this information will help but i wanted to provide the best feedback i knew of. I apologize if this isn't the information you were looking for.

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Old 10-09-2012, 02:02 AM   #4

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While it's easyish to molo with any character these days, you must remember that dps classes aren't tanks and they're not healers, and the most efficient leveling will always take place when you have a tank and a healer. If you're a dps class, then if you have a tank merc you'll have downtime sometimes waiting for the tank to regen health. If you have a healer merc you'll be tanking and if you pull too many your healer may not be able to keep you healed, cus you're not a tank, so you may die from time to time. Probably the best tanking dps classes are brigands, swashbuckler and maybe beastlords. Due to their CAs and positioning requirements. Pet mages are also an option as you have pets to tank also. All will get groups, but only well played beastlords and one brigand per raid are really desirable.
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Old 10-09-2012, 04:34 PM   #5
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It should be noted the above statement is only true for top end raiding. If you only plan on heroic grouping and casual/lower end raiding then you can really play anything. There are plenty of guilds who only raid EM content, maybe a couple HM mobs, who just need bodies. As said, play what you like. If you're planning on top end raiding you should be a little more choosey

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Old 10-09-2012, 09:48 PM   #6

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With my paladin, I run a wizard merc. Pally tanks and heals, merc kills stuff.

With my conjuror (a BLAST to play) I use an inquisitor merc and my wizard pet.

On my mystic, I use a paladin merc. She casts group wards, sics dog-dog and the pally on the foe, and then DPS.

My conjy is my favorite to play, because she can do wicked damage. In a group, if you get a troubador and an illusionist buffing you, you can DPS like a god. But any class can solo with a merc, just pick a merc that works with your toon's strengths and weaknesses.

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