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Old 10-13-2012, 07:27 AM   #1

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Okay, I hate to have to ask this... I'm sure it's not the brightest question that's ever been asked on this forum... but yeah..

How do you log into EQ2 these days?  

I haven't played EQ2 in over a year now. I'm not subscribed.  Last time I played, station launcher still worked though I think they were changing over to something new back then and I didn't feel like dealing with it so I just kept using station lancuher. I remember it opened up some new patcher back then but now station launcher doesn't seem to work at all.  

So, how do I get into EQ2 now?  

I still have the game installed on my computer. I'm sure the files need to be patched though. 

Some other questions: 

1. I know the game has some weird version of F2P now, will I be able to access my server, AB, on the F2P mode or will I need to subscribe first?

By the way, I never used the F2P mode before, I was always a subscribed player, so I have no idea how F2P works really. 

2. Last I heard, half the classes/races couldn't be played on the F2P mode. How does this work for already existing characters? Will I have to subscribe or pay a fee to log in on certain characters?

3. Will I lose anything in my inventory/bank/houses etc. if I don't subscribe? Or will certain items and features simply be unaccessible to me until I subscribe? 

4. Will I be able to access my character's houses and have full use of them without subscribing?

5. Will I have access to all my skills, spells and equipment I already have on characters without subscribing? I heard that stuff like expert/master level skills and certain types of gear weren't useable in F2P mode. 

6. Can I purchase a subscription through the marketplace in-game with station cash?

7. Is AB still a decent server to play on? Does it still have a high population?

8. Is there anything else a returning player should know about the game now?

Any help and advice that can be offered would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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1) all servers are free access

2)any class/race combinatino you already own should be unlocked, if you want to create a toon with a locked class you will need to buy the class unlock same for races

3)you can still access your bags etc any bag over the limit can have items taken out but not put in, if you silver status (which i'm confident you are) your coin limit is 20g/level if free 5g/level


5)skills yes, any equipement treasured/handcrafted/mastercrafted you can wear. you can buy a five pack of unlocker for $1.50 to use on legendary/fabled/mythical gear you wish to wear

6)no this practice was halted due to people gaming the system and getting ultra cheap subs.

I'm not qualified to awnser 7 and i dont know about 8.

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Old 10-13-2012, 10:58 AM   #3

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I tried to provide you with a link for you to download the new patcher but obviously they dont want returning players (based on the difficulty of just downloading the game without signing up for a free account again). My advice is until they sell EQ2 to a better company that's more customer intentive, sign up for a free account, download the client, then log into your old account once at the patcher.

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Old 10-14-2012, 09:21 PM   #4

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Launchpad is here forums.station.sony.com/eq2/posts/list.m?topic_id=509747 Most of your questions have been answered. AB is one of the most popular servers along with freeport. As a f2p silver player (if you have subscribed in the past you'll be silver), you can log on all your characters. Everything will be there but you'll have some restrictions. You'll not be able to use some bag slots (you can take things out but not put back, you can unlock more for a fee) You'll not be able to earn anymore money if over the cap (no unlockers) You won't be able to scribe master spells or wear legendary items (you can buy unlockers for both). Any existing items you were wearing that were legendary or better will be unequiped. You can use the broker to buy, but can't sell on it unless you buy unlockers for each item you want to sell. Your experience bar will be fixed at 50:50 for level:AA. Only 6 or so classes and races are available without unlockers. But your original characters that were made prior to f2p are available. However only the last 4 you logged on are accessible. You can buy unlockers to free up additional character spaces. All these restrictions are removed if you subscribe.
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