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I can see where those factors would definately have something to add to the low population.... For one I didnt know Guk was EU time... If it is that pisses me off that I got merged into an EU server from last merge.... Secondly.... Mercs honestly irritate me and completely ruin the point of playing a massivle MULTIPLAYER online game... What is the point of being able to solo most content? If you were to merge servers we wouldnt need to have mercs we could find real people to play with. I can see how playing with real people can be both a blessing and  a curse... BUt that is just part of the fun. I really miss the social aspect of this game.... I miss KoS the game was actually challenging then.

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Guk is a US server. Only Splitpaw is an EU english speaking server. Honestly, I think part of the problem for many people is their own limitations to what they're prepared to do. A true new player, who started playing over the last weekend, sent me a tell asking me to show him where Crypt of Betrayal was. I got chatting to him, showed him around, helped him complete a few quests, and invited him into our guild. He was LOVING the game, totally in awe of everything I now take for granted. Anyway, the point of my story is he made an effort to socialise and communicate and he got rewarded. It happens to me too. If I need people to fill groups, I do a /who class and send tells. Worst case I get ignored, generally I get a nice response back. Had a complete stranger help me with a quest combine for free just now too. I'm constantly making new friends to add to my friends list who I then group with regularly and help out, just because I put the effort in to talk to them in tells one time. Just spamming LFG on 1-9 chat is not the be all and end all. Be a bit more specific and personal and even off peak you can find people to do stuff with.
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I play on Guk, and it is a ghost town. 

The only thing being talked about is 3 or 4 decorators talking shop in between the 3-4 foul mouthed people discussing physically impossible ways to attempt procreation.


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