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Old 02-24-2008, 02:02 AM   #31

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Sude, why would I use a spell when I was testing the effects of +SD and +CA on our CAs?  I never suggested that I was trying to see if +CA or +SD effected our spells.  I'm not sure how that is relevant to what I was trying to find out and offer solid data on.  I wasn't trying to make a comparison on a spell build vs. a melee build.  I'll leave that to someone else if they want to tackle such an undertaking.  Though I'm not sure how you can get a clean test of that as there are a lot more variables involved.

As for what suits who and dont make equipment for only one build....  I am suggesting that there are discrepancies about how things are applied and that gear should be designed to benefit all builds equally.  With a little time and thought the gear would not be very problematic to set up in such a way that we all would get a benefit to certain changes.  As I hinted about before if you have both +CA and +SD mods equiped, on the combat arts +CA will override the SD when using CAs.  This one fact even though likely a bug would allow the devs to to easily stick +SD and +CA on any mystic specific item and allow any build to get the full effects of such a change.

Also as noted just prior to me there are other mods that are available that will help out the mystic of any build.  As we all are healers at the base of our class.  Things such as spell casting haste, reuse haste, mana procs, heal procs, etc.

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Old 02-25-2008, 03:00 AM   #32

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An ability to cast benefitial spells faster is what we need yes.I prefer that to reusespeed. 5 seconds on groupward is VERY long.

We have clerics complaining about their slow spells...pfft...they get loads of help.They have their AA line that gives them 14% somthing. Their Mythical hammer....a whole setgear that improves it.We dont have anything at all but bits and pieces we loot and that is mostly reusetimers improved anyway.Atm I think I have 2 things that improves casting speed....think it adds to 14%..the Robe from Shard Of Feargive  (10% )...and soem leatherboots ( 4% ) from T1 raidzone. not 100% sure about the numbers.But Id rather wear somthign else than that robe...it isnt really healerfriendly in the rest of the stats.

And yes gear that gives improvment to all playstyles...so therefor they are doing right in giving more +spelldmg....cause there ARE mystics that use those only. Our Combat ARts are fine as they are. I also got loads of stuff for when I solo with +Ca dmg...and also the crafted bits that give +45ca. I t works just fine...im in no need of more CA. And when I added the final part in the set I hardly noticed any diffrence anymore in the numbers.

And when raiding...why go in meleeing when we have so many other things to do ?Let the high dps be for classes that are ment to do it.Or it would be like having a monk complaining they want a bigger heal...or maybe they even want a groupheal so they can do better on healparse.

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Old 02-25-2008, 12:38 PM   #33

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I guess then I fail to see what your point is at all . . . we all knew that +spell has only a minor impact on the CA's . . . that hasn't ever been a huge secret.  I'm seeing plenty of +CA gear out there, unfortunately the Scouts and Fighters are getting it first.  Well, I say "unfortunately" but to be honest, they probably should be getting it first.The Mirrored Armguards almost made it down to the "anybody want this" level last night, and I know I'd have loved to have looted them.
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