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Old 11-13-2007, 06:25 PM   #1

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We had an all healer Labs raid on Splitpaw last weekend and cleared the zone in roughly 3,5 hours and with two wipes, both on Vyemm. From the beginning the number of different classes were as follows but a few got replaced during the raid:Fury - 7Mystic - 6Warden - 4Inquisitor and Templar -  3 eachDefiler - 1Our main tank was a Mystic and he was also the winner of the DPS parse. He parsed 772,93 dps zonewide (he frequently broke 1K) and 2nd and 3rd was a Warden and a Fury with 638,83 and 571,11.So to my question. After the raid, when I looked closer on the parse for outgoing damage, I saw that 36% of the Mystic's damage was from a damage type just named as 'crush/zap'. There was also a damage type 'crush' that I suppose was the standard damage from his club. Anyone who has  any idea where this large amount of damage can hav e come from? I tried to ask the Mystic in-game but either he hasnt been online or he hasnt s een my questions. I have also tried to ask some ot her normally knowledgable persons but to no avail.  Is there anyone here that might be able to enligh ten me?Even if its impossible to exactly tell what  he was using, maybe someone knows the trick of re aching those numbers?
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Old 11-15-2007, 09:22 AM   #2

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Crush/zap will be the autoattack from his weapon combined with some kind of proc. Mystics are all about melee, since their AAs dictate it. He would have had considerable melee crits, haste and double attack, not to mention a huge amount of STR just from his own buffs, and that's without even considering what the other priests in his group added. Also, Mystics get to turn most of their spells into CA's so he wouldn't have been interrupted when casting.772 DPS is okay, but I would have expected a lot higher from a tanking position. It's common for a (good) Mystic to parse 1k - 1.5k zonewide just in their normal raid role.

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Old 11-18-2007, 07:32 PM   #3

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If you look at your AA lines you should be able to figure it out. Bottom line. You can have 100% crit chance on melee, and swap all your spells for melee based combat abilities. Hence everything crits.

Then add a little ancestry to increase procs on items and such and voila, you have yourself a 1500+ extdps capable Mystic.ps. throw some +STR in the mix to up your numbers.

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I think I can shed some light on this one.  My main is a ranger and I was trolling the board here to get some help with my mystic alt.  Ranger and DPS and best friends so here goes.

Auto Attack is what the crush you saw was.  Want good DPS...... you time your CA attacks between your autoattacks.  You do this by running ACT with the plug in that dings everytime you Auto Attack.  So you AA ..CA...AA...CA....  This is why you want a melee weapon with a long delay and high max damage with a large damage spread.  You also want a weapon that will proc damage too.  Get your DoT off first when you start your CAs so you maximize your damage.  With a ranger I try and keep my AA accounting for about 35-40% of all my damage.  Also if you want more dps get your strength high.

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Thanks for the nice DPS tip Houchi SMILEY Very cool! (I have ACT, but have never used that feature)Also, very cool so see an all healer Labs raid! That's awesome LOLI've seen all tank Nest runs, but never an all healer raid.. that makes me want to do one heh.
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