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Old 03-09-2005, 03:22 AM   #1

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Hey all after not being able to play eq2 cause my computer wasnt good enough, I am now back after spending few hundred dollars! I played for a little while, had a wizard. Well my old eq1 guild I found out has all went to another server and I am going to to tag along with them hence starting over.
To get to the point my wife who is fairly new to mmorpgs is going to be playing with me. I loved my wizard and would like to go back to the class. My wife wants to play a healer. However templar/wizard combo from what I understand isnt really all that, and we thought maybe conjurer/templar. I was a mage on eq1 and that would actually be ok, however still perfer to be a wizard. but being the newbie that I am, I found out you guys get heals/dots/wards. With wards would the wizard/mystic combo be a good duo? This will be a full time duo, (neither of us soloing) and im sure we will be grouped with others most of the time. What do you guys think about the combo? I know some of you arent happy with the class but as long as she can keep a group alive I think she would be happy hehe. Any advice you could give to us would be great!
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Old 03-09-2005, 03:28 AM   #2

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Warden would be a good choice imo. They make very powerful healers in later levels while keeping their versatility.
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Old 03-09-2005, 03:39 AM   #3

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A conjuror would serve as a better choice if you were going to be in a Duo with a Templar.
If you can convince your wife to play a mystic/defiler you will be much better off as a wizard, They have decent tanking ability, good hate generation, and there debuffs offset there diminished tanking capacity as well as contributing to DPS better than a templar or druid class. They also have instant 1-second cast heals that are difficult to interrupt, which helps when having a non-main tank class as your MT.
However if you are going to do a caster duo with any healer type, a pet-class would be ideal.
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Old 03-09-2005, 10:03 PM   #4

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I agree with Khilendel84.  The Conjuror/Templar, or Conjuror/Warden are probably the best mage/priest combos in my opinion. 
Your pet will be your tank, and you will love it.  That rock pet is really great.
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Old 03-09-2005, 10:26 PM   #5

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How about a mystic/wizzie duo that roots and dots everything.  Slow/Ward will be effective in protecting wizzie during rooting/stuns problems/resists.  Both of you can contribute dps in the form of dots and you can use wizzie/priest HO's to maintain your power pool.  Also keep in mind that mystic nukes have a snare component and can contribute to successful rooting.  later on, the wizzie will have stifle and the mystic will have slow/melee debuff.  The combination can make any mob helpless.
Sorry, I'm the type that has trouble letting go of old EQ habits.  SMILEY  I can be quite creative sometimes...I would snare and joust mobs on my ranger while waiting for my 2hs with the long delay to refresh.  I would also effectively yo-yo kite with my magician using my root pet, even in HoH.  SMILEY  At level 17 on my bard I would kite 8 reds at a time.  Tank, we don't need a tank.  I would use my 65 Mage pet as a tank in many situations and effectively duo'd with my cleric friend.  My pet would even tank ldons occasionally.  SMILEY  Ever try getting 3 charming classes in a group together in BoT?
Many times when i solo on my necro in eq2, i use root/dotting.  My pet mostly becomes my power battery using my power tap spells.  It is sometimes the only way I can solo the more difficult double up arrow group mobs.
I've also had some fun bow kiting with my ranger in eq2.  Effectively kiting groups of centaurs in my lower 20s.
I've seen many people describe the "necessary" group in EQ and I never really quite understood that remark.  I would always try to make the craziest groups I could and find ways to make it work and always did.  EQ2 is still young and we all still have much to learn, but I'm trying to do that here too.  That's the reason I've made one toon of every archetype...to better learn what each class is capable of.  Try to free your mind when thinking of what the "best duo" or "best group" are and have some fun!
p.s. There's just something to making a mob helpless and watching its health rot away that brings a joy to my heart.  muahahaha.

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Old 03-22-2005, 03:50 AM   #6

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I duo *a lot* in a Mystic/Warlock combo.  We do okay, and when others join our group, and we get jumped or adds and they want to run, I hold and they are surprised at how well I can tank (for a priest class).  Though I think much of that ability is due to slows and debuffs.
Anyway, whatever combo you choose, one of your *key* components to success in this duo is the Celestial Bloom HO.  Since you can only perfom so well as a tank, once your HPs get low, have the Mage do the HO trigger, then the Priest class follow.  Then let whichever person needs the heal get the last cast in, and boom full health.  This works great when you take some big hits, or if the mage type takes aggro.  It also relieves the need of spending 120 or 200 power on a heal.  I always follow it with the heal that uses the lowest power consumption (I think 24), or use a more powerful one and heal the player who is not completing the HO.  Then I have more power to use my DOTS, slows and debuffs while the warlock nukes.
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