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When I ran brokenskiullbay more than a week ago I was level 95, and with signature complete I'm still 99. This is with the beta xp buff and i probably use 1-2 potions ... on top since many quests were broken and POI missing i also killed lot of trash mobs (much more than people will live because they will get directions, clues and quests won't be broken).

So i'm wondering why crafted items are level 100, a level 95 or 96 set would probably
be more usefull, since it will provide some progression armor.. The current level 100 items are may be too powerfull, in such case a 95 or 96 set should be weaker.

I have not seen legendary item from heroic content but I expect them to be generally (as always) much better than crafted items -- may a few experimental items will be competitive we will see.

Anyway Crafted gear is usually gear you wear while leveling till you get real gear.

PS : currently running the questline with another toon and she cannot use any of the quest rewards .... an no ... her xp is not locked. So, those quest rewards should be level 95 and not 96 or more.
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The craftet items vary in level.

There is stuff from Level 96 up to 100... just checked with my armorer.

And if you find the crafted stuff overpowered, even the jewellry, you may have missed ToV itemization completely.

Statwise ToV Heroic 3/3 is in most cases still better. CB/POT and main attribute stil higher. Mostly AF higher, Stamina is usually better on crafted gear. Even the Weaponry is still better.

It helps for players returning and having missed ToV completely.

But if you are already wearing Tov heroic 3/3 stuff, you won't turn to mastercrafted.
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