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This is just some things I thought might make a diff, its free to argue with or what not just an opinion


Make them every hour.

Make them spawn in random places, do not say where it will be until it is time for the new warfeild.

Add more towers.

Fix it so that pvp gear actually does the most damage on them.

Make the winning team get 10 tokens and 250 faction.

Blend in Pvp instead of stand there get flagged fly up to the top where no one can kill you an get free tokens, such as player must kill this many players in order to be flagged in the zone.

On a draw give no one a reward.


Bring out some new weapons for starters

Completely remove pve procs from pvp

Remove toughness it does basically nothing.

Fix the adorns that are not supose to stack, but yet the blue stats do

If there are 24 classes in a game why does every class thats in the same cat have the same gear. That's mad boring, put some class specific gear on it.

If in raiding you progress to get better gear, why can't you progress in pvp to get better gear? It would make people actually try a little harder to have the upper hand.

If lvl 90 can have fable made pvp gear every single teir in the game should have it.


Lower the fame loss for people so they will stop title hogging in groups when they finally get one. I much rather see someone fight than run away.

Take away fame loss when a whole group decides to jump one single target. Vice verse situation if the other player attacks first then let them lose it.


Stop letting people invite in the middle of a fight.

Herioc tags should get a full amount of infamy if the numbers are equal.2v2 12 points,6v6 36 points, etc

If there is a 6 v 5 then take off 1 point from each person who dies in the lesser group, do it all the way down the chart though, 6 v 2 only earns, if the two players lose, the other teams only gains 4 points.


There is a mentor bug you can get fame for mentoring to lower lvl and killing someone, I don't think that is intended, yes it is funny to kill someone low lvl jus to see them rage, but getting a gain out of it a slight on lets play WoW side.

Regular Thoughts

Open all AA's for all levels, but just as spells and items increase as the levels increase judge there potency the same way.

Bring back PvP in the old zones, but first rebuild the Pvp population

Put a distance on combat breaks if the other target is not engaged. I don't think anyone who plays this can stand it when they hit someone an sit in combat while the other person is not even in sight.

As of right now even if you have a full set of all pvp gear an high crit mit, there are certain red and I think it's 2 yellow adornments and damage on bows and weapons that is pve, that hit harder than pvp weapons, and still proc inside of pvp. You said you were going to make it PvP gear is for PvP, and Pve gear is for Pve, then do it the whole way threw.

Reduce the immunity timers to 30 seconds, 60 seconds gets you halfway to ringwars lol

Just some thoughts hate it love it argue whatever ya want to do with it......Excuse my typo's

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