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This update should occur around 1pm PST.






Changed spawn timers on the injured Baubbleshire citizens from six minutes to two minutes.




Fixed a bug where reckless stance could increase taunt amounts.




The effects of Blood Ritual and Blood Symphony have been reduced in effectiveness in PVP combat.

Mage Damage has been reduced in PVP combat.

The effectiveness of Lethality and Toughness has been increased.



Vicious Combination no longer stuns in PVP combat.




We tweaked some of the bolster multipliers on characters between level 70 and 89. Level 80 overgeared characters will do less damage/healing while level 70 to 79 characters will do more damage/healing.

Please keep giving feedback on your play experience!

The minimum number of players required to start a match in Gears and Ganak has been slightly increased.




Plane of War: Armor drops have changed. There will no longer be 15 separate armor drops for any table that drops armor, due to focus effect changes, this is no longer necessary. There will now only be 7 armor drops. The armor drops will now only include Plate Fighter, Plate Priest, Leather Fighter, Leather Priest, Chain Priest, Scout and Mage. Tables have been weighted to be more in line with raid and class distribution.

Violance and Ruination should now stack when applied by multiple players to the same target.

Drape of the Honorbound Avazek has been upgraded to be the same quality as other drops from the same table.

Buckler of Recondite Mending now has block chance.

Shackle of the Honorbound Avazek is again usable by scouts.

Armband of the Fate Revisionist now has Spellweaver's Magnitude IV.

Armband of the Hendin Shadow Savant now has Focused Destruction IV.

Legacy Tokens are now Heirloom instead of No Trade.

Drunder Challenge Mode: New Drunder Challenge Mode shields have slightly more protection now.

Skyshrine: The City of Dracur: Command of Armament is no longer a curse.

Skyshrine: The City of Dracur: Charge of the Awakened is no longer a curse.





Seeking Superior Salve - Harbor pinchers respawn much faster now.

For the quest "Virtue of the Just" players who leave Nettleville without speaking to Rashlas should be able to find him again within the zone.

On the Qeynos froglok racial quest “Royal Recognition” the Spirit of Krys’lo will no longer kill higher level players outright.

On the Qeynos priest quest “Divine Intervention” each player will now zone into their own instance.

The Maiden of Masks: Angelia Clayton has found work at The Mermaid's Lure in Qeynos Province District.

When entering Nettleville you should no longer get a message saying you did not have the required faction with Order of Rime. The Order of Rime are no longer interested in the goings on in Nettleville.

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