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This update should occur around 6pm PST.





Plane of War x4 Raid

Commander Goreslaughter and Corpsemaul – The diaku war riders will spawn near commander goreslaughter instead of on top of random players.  Commander Corpsemaul no longer has Unbridled Fury of the Shadows.  Mauler’s Affliction no longer interrupts casting.



Several objects near the entrance have been moved to help clear all obstructions upon zone in.


Withered Lands

Hexapola – players have more time to get away from ooze puddles that spawn around Hexapola.




Exiles will now earn rewards for PVP but only if they kill non-exiles. Exiles killing other Exiles will still give no rewards.




The Priest Class Starter Alternate Advancements now grant physical mitigation once selected and can be viewed in the passive effects window. They grant 966 physical mitigation at level 92 and 105 physical mitigation at level 10. This does not scale with additional points spent.



Utter Destruction now has a 10 meter range.




Immortal Sword of the Qeynos Guard is now correctly identified as a sword.

Ring rewards for racial quests should now have new effects for most races!

Season 2 PvP armor all has 2 blue adornments at level 90 again.




NPCs that update a tracked quest for you will now show their name from further away.

Unchecked Aggression - Journal now consistently identifies the quest target as stonesetters.

Sit, Stay. Now, Kill! - Tenebrous is now spelled correctly.

Vida Needs a New Broom - Quest journal now gives Tawli Whiskwind's correct location.

Circling Overhead - Ferdinand's name is now spelled correctly.

Circling Overhead - Quest journal now correctly identifies the targets slain as Strifewing Ambushers.

Handle With Care - Quest journal now correctly identifies the targets slain as Bloodscale handlers.

Field Marshal Vishra no longer addresses himself in flavor text after completing the quest "Sink or Swim".

Lilly Ironforge no longer attempts to update the quest "The Eyes Have It" after you have completed the quest.

Seeking Superior Salve - Crystal Vials are only available for purchase from Khalil'mun on this quest step.

Seeking Superior Salve - Now has locations marked on the map.

Secrets and Ceremonies Down Below - Harkam now gives directions to the Down Below entrance from Elddar Grove.

Secrets and Ceremonies Down Below - Antique Limestone Jars now only sparkle when on this specific quest step.

Secrets and Ceremonies Down Below - Now has locations marked on the map.

Gnoll Threat Within - Now has locations marked on the map.

Dire Delivery to Ironforge - Now has locations marked on the map.

Dire Delivery to Ironforge - Completion of this quest now requires a return to Harkam Nubbytoe.

Dire Delivery to Ironforge - Upon completion of this quest Harkam Nubbytoe now directs players to Rinna if they have not yet received or completed the quest "Where Help is Needed".

Stara Vincent should now appear properly for Freeblood on the quest, “Distaste For Our Kind,” in Qeynos Province District.

Trails are now visible during the Kerra racial quest, “A Master Among Masters.”

Lachlyn should be properly visible for the quest "Rightful Heir".




Battlegrounds now have some voice over that plays when certain events happen.

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