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The Withered Lands

Honvar the x2 dragon will now wait 10 secs between using his major abilities (Tail Swipe, Wing Buffet, Cycle Kick and Bitefrost Breath).



The prestige housing portals should be fixed and can be placed again inside houses.

Andrea Dovesong has taken up the drum instead of the flute.

Neezer Grund's VO no longer conflicts with his dialogue.




Racial quest achievements should now be working properly.




Plane of War gear has been reset. Any reforging has been reset and a free reforging token has been granted for each piece that was reforged. Any adornments that were on this gear will be in the owners inventory. These items are now unattuned.

Various issues with the season 2 PvP armor have been addressed.

Banner of Bayle, Banner of the Harbor, and Banner of Elddar are now correctly placed on the wall, not floor.

Qeynos Ceremonial Cloaks should all be able to be used at level 1 and by all classes.




Many control effect immunity procs no longer function in PVP combat.

Blessing: Mischief Maker - duration reduced to 10s in PVP combat.

Blessing: Tempest duration reduced to 10s in PVP combat.



Brutal Inspiration - duration reduced to 10s in PVP combat.



Immunization - duration reduced to 10s in PVP combat.



Aura of the Crusader - duration reduced to 10s in PVP combat.



Death March duration reduced to 30s in PVP combat.



Reach now works in PVP combat. The effectiveness of Reach in PVP combat has been reduced to 33% of its PVE values.




Quests such as "Nothing on the Mind" will now show bauble icons on the relevant mobs.

The Concordium quest "Saving the Shire" should now properly grant you access to Baubbleshire.

Propaganda Postings - Drobble Clankworth can now be hailed for a second chance at conversation.

Of Clocks and Clankers - Marik McPherson has a new dialogue choice if the player is ratonga or freeblood when offering this quest.

Of Clocks and Clankers - Marik McPherson's location in Qeynos Capitol District is now correctly marked on the map.

Pride Without Prejudice - Elliasenka Croosinaden and Zentomaron Croosinaden are now only present for those on this quest.

Pride Without Prejudice - Zentomaron Croosinaden's area of influence is smaller ensuring that players will not accidently get the quest advanced while entering the zone.

Pride Without Prejudice - Ghastly knights are no longer hiding under the water.

Pride Without Prejudice - Players that leave the zone while on this stage should no longer find that the barrier has returned to the waterway.

Ayr'Dal in The Forest Ruins - Grrosh now attacks the player when they approach him, and is even conned.

Secrets and Ceremonies Down Below - Dying within Crypt of Betrayal: Vile Ceremony now allows you to respawn within the zone.

Closing the Black Market - Kyle Bayle now recognizes when you have completed this quest.

Ironforged Requests - Elddar kestrel locations now marked on the map.

Ironforged Requests - Oceangreen Lead locations now marked on the map.

History of the Dwarves, Part I - Now requires a visit to the entrance of Graystone Yard in Qeynos Province District.

History of the Feir'Dal, Part I - Is now updated in Qeynos Province District.

History of the Gnomes, Part I - Now requires a visit to the Inventor's Threshold in Qeynos Capitol District.

Various Bug fixes for Gnome, Halfling, and Human racial quests.

Various Bug fixes for Scout and Fighter archetype quests.

For the quest "Changing of the Guard" you should no longer get the incorrect message when collecting the crates within the Ironforge Storehouse.

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