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This update should occur at 8am PST.





Fixed a potential crash on exit.





Instances within Qeynos should no longer allow mounts.

The Stein of the Alesmith, Stein of Recollection, and Qeynos gate spells all now work with the new Qeynos.


Qeynos Capitol District

Exiting out of prestige housing should now take you back to South Qeynos where the prestige housing accessor is located.

Moved Hegrenn behind a counter in Steed Galliway's Trading Post.

Made trigger area a little bigger for the teleporter used to go in and out of Temple of Life.

Moved Dylan Ironforge and the forge he uses a little to make space for player to pass through and enter Call to Arms shop.

The mounted guards should now be doing their walk animation to match their walking speed instead of galloping.

Murrar Shar's uniform includes the Sword of Thunder, once again.

Squire-Guard Williamson, of the Qeynos Guard, now sells faction items.

A Hunk of Scrap Metal can now also be purchased from Hegrenn.

Fixed zone recognition issue for prestige houses so player is able to place portals again within the interior.



Lamia Castigators should no longer look out of place floating in the air. They should now have a hovering animation.




Magi's Shielding now grants 1035 physical mitigation at level 92.

Armor of Seasons, Armor of Nature, Sacred Armor, Holy Armor, Runic Armor and Shroud of Armor now grant over 50% more mitigation, going from 1079 at Master on the level 84 versions to 1654.

Savage Ruin, Bladeweaver, Villainy and Hunter's Instinct now grant 997 physical mitigation on the level 89 version at Master.

Street Smarts grants an additional 997 physical mitigation on the level 89 version at Master.

Unflinching Will, Crouching Tiger, Bodyguard, Armored, Knight's Stance and Lucan's Pact all grant 5% physical damage reduction to the caster. This does not scale with ability quality or level.

Daelis' Dance of Blades and Death's Door grant 997 mitigation from the 89 version at Master quality.




Kell Silentfang should once again be found within the tavern in Qeynos Harbor.




The following achievements should now properly update:

  • Arreken Skyward's Demise
  • Shorthanded: Arreken Skyward's Demise
  • Flawless: Arreken Skyward's Demise
  • Sargon the Destructor's Demise
  • Shorthanded: Sargon the Destructor's Demise
  • Flawless: Sargon the Destructor's Demise

Many achievements on the list that were not able to be obtained have been removed.




Fighter cloaks in Withered Lands and Skyshrine have had their crit bonus and potency increased and double attack decreased, so they are more in line with other cloaks of the same tier.

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Quest bauble icons should no longer try and use themselves twice.

The quest “Bigger Better Bot” for the gnomish racial quests should now only require 8 scrap bots instead of 12.

The quest “Stronger Faster Bot” should now update correctly when zoning into the Baubbleshire.

When zoning during the quest “To Fail is to Learn” you should no longer lose your Seek and Destroy Bot on the way to the Baubbleshire.

The quest “A Tear in the Curtains” should now correctly spawn a nightblood attacker when the Clockwork E.C.U. fails to contain him.

The quest “The Right of Passage” should now correctly update when entering the Baubbleshire.

Dire Delivery to Ironforge - The Bloodsabers now have uniforms.

Gnoll Threat Within - The Rockpaw gnolls will now attack you upon approach!

What's in Demand? - Journal no longer says to collect ten bone fragments (conflicting with the lowered amount needed of 6).

Forgotten Shroud - Priest Ian Turner recognizes the burial shroud, once more.

Vida Needs a New Broom - Tawli Whiskwind has moved to Qeynos Capitol District (qeynos_combined01), near the Coldwind Stables.

Marr's Work Be Done - The conversation with Kwipp Stalwart now includes a description of the affliction Kwa suffered from.

Secrets and Ceremonies Down Below – The Bloodsabers encountered within the "Crypt of Betrayal: Vile Ceremony" have had their levels adjusted.

Spies in Qeynos - Targeted NPC names are now white to reflect that they are even conned.

Closing the Black Market - The door to the Smuggler's Vault will now take you to the correct location within the zone.

Propaganda Postings updates:

  • Drobble Clankworth has found his clothes.
  • Guard Dravin now reacts after you have hung the poster.
  • The Herb Jar location is now marked on the map.

Of Clocks and Clankers updates:

  • Interactive area on the Clock of Ak'Anon has been enlarged.
  • Clock Guardian's name is now white to reflect that it is even conned.
  • Marik McPherson requires you to speak with him in Qeynos Capitol District.
  • Quest completion text is more thorough now.

The Magician's Solution updates:

  • The castle moat perch's name is now white to reflect that it is even conned.
  • Arbos moss is now much easier to spot!

Full Circle updates:

  • Kwipp Stalwart now gives Field Marshal Vishra's location.
  • Field Marshal Vishra now gives General Golias Sydwen and Daylia the Vigil's location.
  • General Golias Sydwen now has a quest feather icon.
  • Daylia the Vigil's location is now marked on the map.
  • Fixed an issue where you could become gated by getting The Eagle and the Hawk before finishing Full Circle.

A Light of Hope updates:

  • Murrar should properly address "Harkam".
  • Adjusted Musheff's dialog.
  • You should no longer need to press "H" to get Musheff's attention.
  • Added another step to the end of the quest that directs you to Harkam.

Where Help is Needed updates:

  • Collecting the supplies should now remove the sparkle effect from them.
  • Upped supply requirement to 4.
  • Quest should now mention that you helped the injured.
  • Added some more text to support the Bloodsabers being in the Down Below.
  • The cloth should be properly removed now.

Paid on Delivery updates:             

  • Noted the bank in North Qeynos for this quest.
  • The "farmers" should spawn at the right level.

Rockpaw Digger Defeat updates:

  • The Rockpaw diggers no longer spawn from the same spawn point each and every time.
  • An Ensorcelled Gear is now awarded after killing the Rockpaw diggers.
  • Sealing the gnoll tunnels now updates individually for each stone kicked and visually seals the corresponding tunnel.
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