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Is there a post somewehre on what the names of all the solo zones are and where they are located, how to get to them?  I hate to jsut keep asking in chat... I have found the Chelsith one in JW, so far behind VP tunnel in water.  Would appreciate a link to where the rest are located.

Ok Updating:

Chelsith Ancient Vault    Jarsath Wastes  Waypoint: -720.39, -52.84, 1,456.91

Wurmbone's End and Wurmbone's Crag at same entrance area in Jarsth Waste  Waypoint -1,116.07, 122.78, 2,005.27

Harrow's End:

Temple of the Faceless: In Eidolon Jungle  -2,159.90, 222.39, 765.15

Throne of Fear:  In Eidolon Jungle  -2,420.11, 238.45, 529.36

The Dread Cutter:

Sleeper's Tombs: The Forgotten Catacombs:  Easter Wastes/Pit of the Awakened  -61.30, -336.29, 2,911.73 Choose the 1st Catacombs selection you cant see all the words, 1st choice for Catacombs is Solo 2nd is Heroic.

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Throne of Fear solo zone is in the back of the cave in the Fear area where one of the quests takes you. I don't have a loc atm though sorry!

-814.43, -52.72, 1204.63 should be the loc for Chelsith Ancient Vault.

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I don't have locs either atm.

Temple of the Faceless is the EJ version of the Temple of Cazic Thule.

Sleeper's Tomb : a door down in the "pit of the awakened" in Eastern Wastes.

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