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When I stepped off the boat and into the shattered lands that were once called Norrath, I was alone.  I gathered my things and travelled into the nearest town of Qeynos that had a friendly and familiar face, Castleview Hamlet.  Though a lackluster attempt to fill the void of my lost treasure, Felwithe, the people were friendly enough.  At first my time was spent speaking to the various citizenry, constables, authorities, and merchants in an attempt to repay the generosity of those that put me up with so little to give.  I made the best of it and did my best as all highelves do, to get the notice of the town proper, Qeynos and Lady Antonia.  After many long and dark hours spent in the catacombs below the town, I did manage enough of a reputation to allow full citizenship into the big city.  I did many tasks that were given to me, again in an attempt to increase my reputation among the citizens of Qeynos.  I did have my moments, however, spent alone and in the taverns, listening to the haunting songs of the bards going on about all that had been lost.  I can relate, I lost everything but my life.

I began to venture outside of the walls of the city out of both curiosity and boredom.  I traversed the lands of Antonica, and dealt with many of its nasty inhabitants.  Though the land was green and rolling hills and grand forests, it just could not compare to the might and beauty of the Faydark.  I began to feel a pull at my soul, unexplainable, mystical, enigmatic.  I consulted with any sage I could find only to come up short with an answer.  I felt my soul lashing out in turmoil, I was irritable, and unfriendly, even to those that gave me so much.  I regret those times but have been blessed with forgivness by them.  In answer to my growing anxiety I began to hunt the lands, using my talents with magic to slay anything that stood against me.  I met others that also shared this feeling but knowing nothing of the answer.

Months passed on and the raging torrent of emotion still boiled within me.  I had accomplished much in this time, with my only focus pointing outward and in any direction that might lead me to the answer, I found I had completed many a mighty deed and had become reknowned to an extent, yet even my highelven haughtyness kept itself at bay and I refused to acknowledge my successes.  Then it started: I was traversing the halls of the ruins of varsoon, in search of the much elusive Book of Death, I heard a female voice echo, "Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?"  I felt like I had been slammed against the wall and tossed onto the floor, to explain what that voice did to me that day.  My raging torrent of emotions exploded suddenly and I fell to my knees in tears, I knew at that moment what had happened.  My tears were not of sorrow or anger, but of joy, the most irreplaceable joy that occurs when your soul touches the soul of your future.  I no longer felt the drive that had confused me for so long, my passions were swallowed up by that voice.  I sought that voice that held me, the one that quenched my thirst.  After a week we found each other.  Like a magnet to iron we attracted one another until we met.  Once again my emotions exploded, this time with love, the kind of love that just is, without explanation.  The type of love that is so natural, so pure, that it can easily overwhelm you if you are not prepared.

A this point her story and mine become one, from the moment we met it was, for lack of any appropriate words, perfect.  As our lives shaped together we found that we shared much from our past experiences.  Hardships come and go but you must always move forward and make the best out of it.  Words of wisdom spoken not from our lips but from our past.  I am happy to say that after many months our love is as strong if not stronger than it was before.  We have been together through everything and I have given to her, all of myself as she has given herself to me.  Now we are of the same level of power and compliment each other very well in both battle and in love.

That is the story as it was just four days ago.  Today, I sit at my desk with my quill in hand writing because my wonderful and beautiful lady has fallen on hard times.  She set forth on a journey that I could not go, a place where I am not able to speak to her but only feel our shared bond being stretched out over distance and time.  Four days have passed by without so much as a whisper.  You see, her journey was for the most part supposed to be a short one but a horrible storm which some call 'Wilma' tore through the town in which she was staying, carrying the ocean into the city, flooding the streets, killing the horses, cows and chickens, and dousing all the fires.  After the storm passed by, the town was shielded by a wall which was left by the storm and nobody could come in and nobody could leave until everything is set right again.  As I said, this is the fourth day without word from my love, I know she's ok, the bond tells me that much but our ability to converse over large distances is gone.  I am missing her greatly, so greatly that I wax poetically, out of the blue, to anyone that cares to listen... such as now.


OOC - Yes I am missing my girlfriend who is stuck in florida without power, phone, food, water, etc...  I should have been there with her but circumstances dictated it to not be that way.  I've had to stick by my own wisdom which is hard to do, and keep my chin up and remain positive.  She will be back soon.

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