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Old 12-25-2011, 11:26 AM   #31

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AjiaAwakener wrote:

When I first heard about it, I assumed that the content associated with it was just being kept secret so that when it showed up in the beta that it would be a cool surprise.  Much to my disappointment the content I assumed would be part of AoD was simply not there. 

I'm sorry to say, but I think you set yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic expectations. 

They said no "content" was coming.  Why would they lie about that?  Expecially after many players immediately started complaining they didn't come out and say "there's some surprises that will make you all happy." 

The lack of content was well known (and well complained about too.) 

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Old 12-25-2011, 02:06 PM   #32

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Honestly... was looking foward to this new Xpac, even if I knew it would have no content, thought the DM would be AWESOME (infinite new zones, and the fact that the were rehashes meant nothing look at housing in this game, you can do anything) was looking foward to the new Freeport, was excited about the posibility of new AA, and was looking foward to the general bug fixes that I had hoped would be coming, that being said I purchased it before the NDA was lifted. now as to what I got...

1. DM zones are AWESOME!!! so many people put so much work into making some truly beautiful and unique zones... that I find frustrating to the point of unplayability because of being forced to play and "avatar" with no gear or abilities, and no way to upgrade other than getting a new "avatar".

2. AA I got 20 of them... great, no new tree, no new caps, basicaly I have nothing to spend them on, so its useless to me, then again was really just hoping for something useful, SOE never said I would want to SPEND the new AA.

3. Bug fixes... honestly this was only a assumption on my part (and you know what they say about assumptions) but I thought they would put some polish on the game for the new F2P model... what I got was spending a week trying to get my friends able to use the new launcher, and a mem-leak that crashes me ever 10-15 min, lower frame rates (5-10 FPS less on low settings), and getting told I have not had a subscription for over a month when I try to use some services (been a subscriber since 2006, and I did recheck my sub the day the new F2P went live), mob pathing broken beyond playability AGAIN... and a host of other things too piddly to remeber till I experience it again.

4. New Freeport... Meh... looks nice but still no reason to go there.

All in all I'm not dissapointed that there is no content, I'm dissapointed that the features were a letdown and need fixing, if anything the bugs that popped up because of the Xpac have made it a worse game. just fix the problems that were caused and I'll be happy.

Beastlords... Meh, didn't buy the Xpac for them anyway, some people really like them though, gonna be complaints if you nerf them (just not from me).

TLDR: Fix the bugs and I'll be happy with it.

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Old 12-25-2011, 03:01 PM   #33

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I 100% agree with the OP as someone who has bought all the expansion minus age of discovery I am very disgusted with the amount of content they put in the expac for 40 dollars.

it really next to nothing when I compare it to any of the other expansions.

There is no denying SOE is trying to get the most $$ for the least amount of work anyone who says otherwise is a fanboi that can shut the ... UP

This clearly was a Win for SOE if you where stupid enough to pay 40 dollars for this last expansion Seeing what it will cost with triple or double points is more realistic this expansion is worth $19.99 MAX

I don't mind paying for a 40 dollar expansion but it needs to have more zones or NO if you want me to pay 40 dollars soe you will release the same amount of content as kunark or velious or you not getting my money period fanboi you can cry insult or whatever soe needs to hear the truth

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Old 12-25-2011, 05:04 PM   #34
yohann koldheart

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bunnykiller69 wrote:

There is no denying SOE is trying to get the most $$ for the least amount of work anyone who says otherwise is a fanboi that can shut the ... UP

trying to get the most $$ ?

i guess that's why they had 1 triple and 2 double Sc days since it launched?

  people complained that it was not worth the 40 bucks for weeks leading up to launch, and they listened when hardly anyone bought it and gave us a way to get it for 66% off, then they gave 2 other chances for people to get it 50% off.

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