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Grandfather, is has been quite some time since we have spoken in either voice or letter. As promised upon leaving for the Isle of Refuge I intend to write you frequently of the things I have come to witness upon my travels. My time on the Isle was short indeed, I must admit, as upon arrival I learned that the entire whole of the place was being over-ran with the foul goblinkin which until recently I had only read about in your library.

I found that several of the tall-folk I met upon arriving were indeed trust worthy and under their advice I decided to help rid their peoples of this soon to be overwhelming scourge. The task, I must say -with full humility, Grandfather- was easy. The goblinkin are in fact as I have read - cowardly and almost completely unskilled in the art of War. Their 'tactics' are as their reputation - flawed.

Within no time I had 'proven' myself to the tall-folk and was given audience with the one who would take me onward to my final, nay, begining destination - the great city of Qeynos. I admit to you now that upon learning my destination I became excited, excited in that what I would have the chance to learn to further myself within the Art.

Arriving in a village just on the outskirts of Qeynos in the village of Baubbleshire I was amazed at the population. Many of the mainland's races were present, but I was intrigued to find so many of our own people. The halfling race seemed to take to the area as well, even acting as the town guard in some cases. I must tell you that it was refreshing to be able to speak to others without having to constantly tilt my head 'up'.

I learned immediately that in order to enter the city proper, I had to become a citizen. Becoming a citizen is not what I had first expected. Due to the events transpiring, one has to prove their own worth. I could not help but chuckle inwardly upon hearing this as had I not done the same thing in order to win passage to this shore? Life is, after all, a series of great tests.

After renting a room at the local Inn and resting a bit I decided to have a look about. The atmoshpere here is refreshing as the different peoples move about their daily activities in a variety of moods. Everyone I met was polite if not friendly, and within the first hour I learned of many exciting -and sometimes terrible- things that were happening within the area.

The first I learned of was that not far offshore was a cave that was -literally, or so I was told- infested with hostile creatures. Indeed I found that the individual who told me of this place was correct for when I arrived the damp stone was clearly crawling with vermin of various sorts. Calling upon what little of the Art you have taught to me, Grandfather, I was able to clean up the place in little time, returning to Baubbleshire in less time than I had first expected.

When I returned I was surprised to learn that my activities had been monitored by an individual named 'Surefoot'. This person asked me if I'd like to help the village with another problem it had recently come against and assured me that in doing so I would advance the process in becoming a citizen to Qeynos. Before I realized exactly what was happening, I found that I had agreed.

I was told that Surefoot had an agent or friend rather who was having a difficult time with a certain situation and that possibly advice from an outside source -I am assuming that this Surefoot meant 'outside' as in 'outsider'- would go a long way. Upon meeting this... person, -I think 'it' was of the dwarvern race- I learned that four citizens of Qeynos had been suspected of High Treason against the city. I was then charged to interview each of the four and determine whether or not this was true.

After talking to the first three I realized that even though we were not of the same race or culture we had much in common. They were more than a little confused and seemed sorry for the crimes that they had commited. For the three I told the dwarf -?- that in my opinion, these three individuals were in fact redeemable. The fourth however, was a very different story indeed...

It pains me to take life, Grandfather. It always has and always will, but in such situations, it cannot be avoided. The fourth individual became unruly immediately upon speaking to him, shouting vile insults before producing a crude knife that he had secreted upon his person. I will not defend my actions, as we all know well the rules of life, but I still find myself saddened that this individual would not listen to reason, making me do what I did.

My actions in both situations, the cave and the judging of the individuals worth, won me citizenship. I must admit however that I am not happy that in order to gain access to this city, this Qeynos, I was put into the situation of killing another man. I am no longer a child, I know the differences - it is a hard world where not to kill is to be killed, but knowing this does not make things easier. In the end I know that it was him or me, and I am still here.

I intend to travel into the city proper at dawn tomorrow Grandfather, this is the first of what I hope to be many letters detailing the things that I learn in my search for our beloved Homeland.


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