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I just bought everquest 2 live and i am trying to decide if i want to play a summoner or sorcerer class. Im mostly between conjurer or wizard. But im not entirely sure what the difference is between their roles other than a summoner's damage is divided between him and his pet. My favorite way to play a mage is to have a wide variety of spells with answers to a large number of situation but my main focus being damage dealing. Any advice on the difference between summoner and sorcerer roles in parties, raids and solo play? Or just anything to help me decide on one of these two classes since i can easily switch between sub-classes its not as much of an issue as deciding between the parent classes.

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Roll a summoner. Sorcerers do one thing. DPS. You won't find any utility or flexibility there. They have one purpose, and they excel at it.
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Sorcerers are best at doing damage. Their spells hit hard. Wizards are best at single target damage and Warlocks are best at area of effect damage. They both can cast Teleports, but apart from that, they have little utility. If you just want to blow stuff up quickly, roll a sorcerer. They are neutral, so they can start anywhere.

Summoners rely on their pets to do a lot of their damage for them and they have different pets for different uses. They don't hit as hard as sorcerers, but their overall survivability is much better and they have more utility. Conjurers must be good-aligned and can only start in good cities, while necromancers must be evil.

As far as soloing, grouping, and raiding goes, they are both good soloers, but I'd give the edge to summoners. For grouping, they're both desired and the raiding edge would probably go to the sorcerers, because of their damage output being greater.

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