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Coercer Changes:Possession has been renamed to Possess Essence.  It now takes control of your target’s essence and makes them into a pet that you can control.Sounds cool in concept but is about as useful as the original form of the spell. Aer has stated he doesn't want us to have two pets at the same time and although I can understand that, that restriction should not be implemented through concentration slots. I think the biggest problem here is that we are comparing possess essence to charm and to the illu's pet. Charm is what we get as an alternative to illu's pet and they are comparable. The illu pet does less dps but is safe, but charm does more dps and is less safe. What we SHOULD be doing is comparing possess essence to the other lvl 65 ancient spells - not other pets. As it is right now there is simply no real reason to use posess essence. In solo I'd use a charmed pet, in a raid there is no reason to sacrifice the con slots and in a group there still is no real reason to use it. I think the best thing to do here is drop the con slot requirement and make it so that we can't have two pets up at once.Also, when testing this I noticed that if I cast one of my illusion forms on the essence I've posessed and then cancel the illusion form the pet becomes naked once canceled. I'm sure it's just a bug but does need to be fixed. Thoughtstones are no longer required as components for spells.YAY!!The Despotic Mind line will now trigger off player based spell attacks.  In addition there is a new level 80 version called Tyrranous Mind  The other reactive lines have changed to be based on taking damage from when a spell hits the NPC.Honestly the reactive changes are a little overpowered. I only say this because if we don't get it right now then the dev's will spend the next three LU's nerfing us. I would change the Auspex line back to the way it was so that it triggers off attacks or maybe even attempted attacks and tone down the damage on the spell scourge and despotic mind lines a bit. Puppetmaster has received an additional puppet.Sounds good.The Harmonious link line now reduces hate position when the player takes a melee hit.Works for me. I would however suggest as a remedy to the whole "possess essence requires con slots" problem removing the con slot requirement of this or one of our other buffs.Enchanter Changes:The stun and stifle lines will now do damage rather than drain power.Looks and sounds good.Enchanters will now also receive Call Servant and Shrink Servant at level 10.Thank you.AA Changes:Enchanter Volatile Magic will now be a 15% boost that is always on.I never use VM in it's current state because of the mana requirement. With this change I will respec for sure. I used it on test server and I could tell a damage increase. I think this is a good end ability and I welcome the change.CoercerTashania will now debuff all magical resistances but slightly less than before.Coercive Healing will now give additional bonuses to reactive heal amount, beneficial casting time and beneficial reuse time.Manaward now acts as a true ward with a ratio of 1 health to 1.5 power.I didn't get a chance to test these but the changes sound nice as long as they work correctly.
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