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Hi,I want to play Everquest II, but i can't decide which version, the Extended version or the full version.This is why:If i play the Extended version, i will upgrade to gold, so i need to pay $14.99 each month.But the full version is also $14.99 each month (without the savings).I think the Extended version has a much bigger player-base, but is more unbalanced because of the different subscription models and you don't get all the expansion and content updates.The Full version has a smaller player-base, but is more balanced and has all the content updates and expansions, but you have to pay for the expansions.So, is this right? If it is... i really don't know what to do.What do you guys think about this?

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Without bringing population into it:

Pros Extended :

If you stop your gold sub you can still play, though you will be subject to restrictions for whatever sub level you go down to.

If you are into that kind of thing (if they put it back) you can buy rares & other crafting raws & mastercrafted armor from SC rather than finding  a player to make it.

A couple of SC items of modest usefulness that are not available on live servers.


Even on Gold subs you have to pay to unlock the various races.

You end up paying more in the long run for the sub unless you spend time on the lower tiers of the free to play sub structure.

Pros Regular servers:

One big one, your 14.99 a month (less if you buy multi month) gets you everything, you don't have to buy anything extra. All races (except freeblood), classes are there for you to use from the get go.   No having to pay to unlock anything (other than the afore mentioned Freeblood race).

14 day free trial on eq2 (non-X) gets you most of the expansions but I don't recall if it goes to The Shadow Odyssey or Sentinal's Fate. In either case buying Destiny of Velious would get you all previous content (plus 30 days free gameplay).

Now to bring in population, there are live servers with very healthy populations.  I'd say equal or close to Freeport's.

My personal feelings on it  is if you are planning to pay a sub anyway, why not pay it on the servers where you get more for your money?

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Finora summed it up pretty well.

I play on both Live and X.  X is bottom heavy.  Lots of new people trying out the game, they might make it to level 30 or so then quit because they don't like the game, don't like the restrictions and can't/don't want to pay, etc.  The middle levels are a bit more barren.  And I think there's a decent end level population, but my highest on that server is only in her low 60's.

The Live servers are usually mostly top heavy, since they're mostly populated with people that have been around for a while and have got one or two characters to the level cap.  Antonia Bayle and Crushbone both have very healthy populations.  My server, Everfrost, always seems busy to me at most levels.  

And you can try them both out.  Since Live got its trial back, you could play here for a couple of weeks and see how you like it.  I personally prefer Live, but you might find that X is better suited to you.

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Old 10-18-2011, 10:53 AM   #4

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I will add, however, that if you decide the game IS for you, Platinum is a really good deal. You pay $200 once a year (16.67$ a month), you get 500SC a month (now 11.67$ a month), and a free expansion every year for a grand total of $8.37 a month, give or take. 

The SC accumulated over the course of a year alone (6000) is enough to justify it for me, but not everyone can break through that initial barrier of entry.

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