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I must say that, even if I'm a 74 Defiler, I'm a bit confused about on which stat I must focus. My first gear build was focused on WIS/STA but I was mostly harmless in combat. Now I'm triyng to raise WIS and STR, but melee combat is becoming pathetically effective after level 70, in addition, I found that maximizing WIS makes my mana so high that I will never run out of it, unless I'm in combat for lots of encounters.It's a WIS/INT build more viable, to increase DOTs and harmful spells damage? I just can't seem to cut it out with melee damage...PS: I'm referring to stat building, not AA allocation.
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WIS/INT for sure.  We defilers are definitely more casters than melee.
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I carry around 2 sets of gear: 1st for healing, focus on Wis/Sta, +heals, +heal crit, OLH etc

For soloing or duo with non-tank, Int/Sta, +damage, +spell crit gear.  You should be getting enough random Wis with your gear that you'll never run out of pwr with Canni, Soul Drain, Manastone etc.  Note for solo your +damage will cap early (1/2 dmg spell amount I believe), so +dmg crit items are better (same goes for +healing vs +heal crit but not till VP-level gear really).  Of course if you find any items with both +heal and +damage, these are nice options.

There are at least two  t7/t8 clicky quest rewards that do damage to mobs (at work now do don't have names), but these are very nice for healers to dps.

Here's another hint: If there is any challenge in a fight, 90% of time use your fear on the pull...  dual mob encounters become single mob encounters and heroics are debuffed to weaklings before they even get to you.  This takes some practice, but is well worth it imho.

Soloing with a defiler is slow and boring sure, but we can handle some pretty tough situations...

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