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Old 05-07-2007, 02:25 AM   #1

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Can't recall the names of the quests, but one is to find the bear cave and one is to kill spirits and the Thexian who summoned them. There does not seem to be a bear cave, went all the way from one chasm to the other along the cliffs and while I did get attacked by a Den Mother I could not find a cave. The only Thexian in the area is in the cave with the elementals, but I killed her twice (heck of a respawn rate) and it did not update my quest. I'm still exploring, but these are the two that have me stumped at the moment.
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Probably best to use the /bug command.
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The bear caves aren't in at the moment.

 The thexian is there, completed the quest yesterday. Just look around, near the well of nightmares lies a dark elf - cut off his head with a rightclick.

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OK nice to know cause I was looking for the caves as well lol.

There is a Darkelf lieing on the ground behind the well he will update the quest.

The Thexian women in that cave is another quest picked up at the mayors house in the starting area there is a wanted poster on the wall to the right of the door gives a quest to bring her head back.

Anyone found any L&L books that are easy to get like the ones in Kilithian?

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