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Gallenite, believe me, I am very happy to see the changes that will be going live tomorrow, and I am overjoyed that this information was billed as the first of an on-going series of communiques to the players.
But please understand that, so far, there really has not been a meaningful response to the many and varied issues being raised by crafters. Many of the changes made to the crafting system have been perceived as a nerf, deservedly or not. A few of the more glaring problems -- broken Advanced Craftsman books, for example -- have been fixed, yes. But some of the fixes were pointless, such as the recipes added to volumes x0 when they were already in (and still remain in) volume x1. There are still many issues that remain: Level x3 provisioner recipes that require level x4 and x5 sub components, the lack of status point reduction information on home furnishings and the absense of "what is this" information on potions, poisons and totems, recipes that are still missing or broken, the gross inequality between what provisioners get from NPC buy-back compared to every other class, the extreme difficulty and cost involved in being dependent on other classes for simple levelling, the total lack of response to repeated queries over whether this or that class should be required to refine their primary component at a skill level that capped at tier 1 or tier 2 instead of using their principle skill, the repeatedly demonstrated fact that common drops routinely out perform common crafted of the same tier and often even (extremely) rare crafted items of the same tier, and now the announcement with much fanfare that uber-rare gear will be come more common.... it is very disheartening, to say the least.
The Producer's Letter is a very good, very positive start. What I and a great many other crafters see when we read it, however, is yet another opportunity to address crafting issues, however briefly, given entirely to melee and combat issues. We see the developers of an otherwise fine game not only yet again overlook what was billed as an important, integral part of the player community, but overlook us and make concessions that devalue what many have already accomplished.
I ask only this: Don't forget us. Don't make those of us who have worked very hard, who have chosen to craft rather than adventure, regret our decision.

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Who, me? Cynical? What did you expect?
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strixus wrote:

Tseramed wrote:Here's an idea.Instead of making mob X be set level Z, why not make mob X's level be a function of the level of your group. As it is, beautiful zones with interesting content are quickly becoming "grey" and useless. Maybe instead of setting the levels of the mobs, you could make each individual zone a certain amount of challenge. |SniP of example|I feel that players need to be able to affect other players more than they can now. As it is, it feels like a rubber room. I know that people whine that person A did this to them or person B did that to them...but you know what? It's a WORLD. Things happen. Not everyone is "nice". I'm not talking full-on PVP necessarily, but SOMETHING, please. As it is, my characters have absolutely ZERO effect on the world, and ZERO affect on others. I'm honestly surprised some of these people don't whine that monsters attacked them without their express permission.-Tser
Wow... while this could be done in a great way, in the current set up it would overcrowd zones to no end. Why would anyone go anywhere other than the newbie zones? For that matter, why would anyone ever leave the Isle other than the exp cap?? Most players dont go and explore for the sake of finding new places, they explore to find new things to kill or harvest. Alot of what you describe as a rubber room feeling is in responce to many of the abuses which have occured in previous mmo's. Trains, greifing, etc. I personally enjoy the fact that I can spend a night playing without the hastle of idiots and jerks making my life miserable. Not everyone is "nice" - and thats why I like the current system. The ONLY pvp i think this game needs (if ANY) is a limited, special zone duel system. And thats ALL.
There would be no incentive to farm newbie zones because:1. The market would quickly become flooded with newbie zone loot, increasing sales competition and bringing the prices on those items *way* down, thereby creating a push to venture out for rarer items, and2. Those of us who play for the fun of it, rather than trying to impress all the other players with our virtual riches in our virtual little world, would progress onward for the *challenge* involved.This system would at once solve the problems inherent with solo vs. grouped players. I'm in Sunken City playing solo and attack Mob A, and it's even difficulty with me. I go back tomorrow with a group of five friends and attack that same mob, but the mob is much more difficult, basically adjusting to the level of the group to give us a challenge of even difficulty to the group.It would also solve the problem of zones greying out too quickly, which I've been reading a lot of people complaining about, because we don't get to enjoy the content the way we'd like to. Yes, yes, we can turn off adventuring XP, but that just seems *wrong* because you do that for a week and your guild and other in-game friends are now two zones ahead of you and suddenly it's like you and they are playing two different games. Basically, content will last much longer.Here are a couple more things that could use some work:* Mobs need to act differently. First of all, 99% of them are just standing around waiting to be killed. For instance, vagrant squatters in the Ruins. They aren't cooking, playing, working -- nothing. They just stand there face-forward until someone comes along to kill them. Secondly, look at mobs like deer. Come on, no deer is going to stand there hoofing at ya while you're hacking it down with a sword. Make a deer act like a frickin deer -- please.* More character differentiation. More character differentiation. I firmly believe that there should be more permanent *defining* choices in the game for your character to make -- some good, some bad. Every character is far too cookie-cuttered right now. Characters do not, and should not, have the 'right' to every mob, item, spell, skill, quest, etc. that every other character has. Where's the fun in that?? All items are beneficial? -- I want cursed items that aren't removable for X amount of time. I want NPCs to hex your character in different ways, to really put the 'risk' back into the opposite of 'reward'.* Stop releasing untested code. The development team has proven itself time and again as entirely incapable of releasing code on the fly that hasn't been thoroughly tested. Just stop. Please. It's almost embarrassing.-Tser
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Yet another nail in the coffin for crafters. You don't mention tradeskills at ALL in that letter, which goes to show exactly how interested you are in fixing the huge issues in the crafting arena at present.
You make pristine items HARDER to make, while reassuring us that you'll be nerfing the stupidly good items dropping like rain.
Uh no, now you're going to make them more FREQUENT.
so tell me, Senior Producer, what the hell is the point in the Outfitter class now?
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Very Very happy to see solo content increased, that was becoming a game stopper for me, I am so tired of getting all these quests that require groups to finish.....  To put it pluntly
I AM NOT A GROUP PLAYER, but I LOVE playing online games I like the ongoing world and the fact there are other players to buy and sell to and from and even fight with another once in a while.  So with that being said I must say this
You have many bugs already in the crafting and made it so extremly boring and very much annoying to the point that crafters tend to quick in frustration around levels 33-38 (watch how many less crafters there are after those levels)  Now you plan on taking away even more things that they could sell for BETTER items off drops?
Crafter's are a part of this game yet we cant sell anything anymore do to drops, plus we have to charge a ton of money due to the fact you made it soooooooooooo very dependent on other players to get subcomponets that they charge us tons of money for......  Now we will have nothing!
You wanted feedback and I usally stay pretty quiet but this time I have to speak in hopes you will read it
I like the game but have entertained thoughts of leaving due to the "Lack of soloing content" and the problems with the crafting, as in not being able to sell and total boredom in trying to level!
Hopefully this to will change, but at least thank you for the soloing content you are going to be adding
*Sighs* would rather be playing this game for years but time will tell wont it?
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The Vigilant
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Wow, so much stuff, I'm afraid my little post might not be heard.  I promise to refrain from annoying fonts and colors though.
**1**  Priests ... and Soloing  **1**
Okay, before you all point and laugh at me ... which I know some of you already are ... let me explain why this is something that I think is important.
As a veteran EQL player, I enjoyed a Cleric.  Honestly I could solo with my spells/equipment/weapons.  Granted it was difficult, but as we all know there was more freedom in the way spells and abilities were used.  As a Priest/Cleric in EQ2 though, I feel sort of ... well ... I feel like I got the short end of the stick.
  • First off, the armor.  Okay granted not much can be really done about how you put it in, but as a Cleric and medium armor ... to be stuck with medoicre stuff until about 16 or so kinda stinkies.  That's when cordovan comes in BTW.  Perhaps allowing for the Clerics to wear the stuff at an earlier level would be nice .. drop that skill needed ... uh Medium or something I forget.
  • Next the weapons.  Oh brother .... c'mon you guys ... who is the funny one who made the Doom Stick ... a leafy club?  That is so not scary.  I mean the orcs literally laugh at me before pummeling my face into the dirt.  And the stats ... I'm level 16 and my weapon that is yellow to me ... hits a max of 7 damage.  That's right 7.  My strength is 20, normal for a Human ... but why 7???  C'mon even at 16 in EQL (ack the comparison again) I was doing damage close to 20 and more as a Human race.
  • Spells .... though I do love what I get ... um I do have 1 question.  Why so many of the same kind of things?  At level 16 I have 5 different ways to do a single heal.  I wouldn't mind my 2 ... Minor Healing and Minor Arch Healing ... but 5??  A bit of overkill you guys.  Now with all these spells, I am having difficulty upgrading them.  Why?

Clerics Have No Solo Ability!!

That's what it really comes down to.  In all honestly, all I can whack is single greens ... with hopefully arrows pointing downwards ... and even that is a gamble if I fizzle or get resisted.  I am one of those who don't play alot due to IRL time restraints, and honestly, I have been in my share of bad groups.  So money can become a real strain to keep up with demands on me.  I mean a low graded Cleric isn't worth having in a group.

As for crafting, well I cannot comment right yet as I am just learning to do it ... but I will say this.  To all you who make spells and abilities on the Toxx server ... I beg you to leave your mindset that adventurers have silver pieces coming from their nether regions ... we don't.  Paying 40sp for Minor Arch Healing App3 is [Removed for Content] ridiculous.  I know items are hard to come by, but raising the price for goods isn't the way to try and "fix" it.

I hope this gets seen, and though I broke my promise of no annoying fonts, I wanted this to be said.  There are alot of "I can't solo" threads, but they all seem to be coming from other Archtypes except the Cleric.

Happy Gaming ... and I LUV U Moorgard ^_^  ::shameless butt kissing::

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ignoring all histrionics, and in the hope a dev sees this, I have only 2 requests for what is already, for me the best game I have ever played:a) please look at wizard/warlock DPS and either tell us it is how it should be in relation to other classes, or that you are working on a soloution for increasing (or god forbid decreasing) it.b) examine the possibility of provisioners making more than one finished product per combine, rather than very close, but slightly different duration provisions based on the quality of the finished product.thankyou
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perhaps I should elaborate - a) refers to the fact that I and many other sorceror classes don't really understand currently what we are expected to provide. Are we pure damage dealers, with no utility? are we utility? why are we out damaged by scout classes? are we AoE or DD?Whatever the answer is, is up to the devs. I understand that, but please explain to me what my role is supposed to be.b) the market appears to be out of control for food and drink. I can make a fortune selling food and drink over broker, but I can't supply my guild with enough drinks to keep going, when they can easily keep me in orange equipment.thanks
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What I would really love to see is some more interraction between the devs and players on fixing whats broken and misbalanced. This is becoming SWG all over again for me. Add new content, break old content, leave broken content broken; recycle and repeat. I don't pay $20 a month to be an beta tester. I should pay $20 a month for a game that has kinks worked out before pushing to live.I don't pay $20 a month to work around broken items. I should pay $20 a month to relax and enjoy what should be a fun game. ONe thing I liked about SWG was the player correspondents. I felt I was getting at least some sort of response with them as a go-between. With EQ2 I'm afraid to post half the things I would in SWG in fear of it being locked or deleted because its against the rules. God Forbid a player venting his/her frustration over something that repeatedly doesnt work and is ignored. At the very least, give us crafters in idea whether or not we are wasting our time with some updated notes on whats coming and the possible ways items are fixed. I can deal with cosmetic issues. I cant deal with the fact I have to pay an arm and a leg for inks to level my sage for a major coin loss since nobody wants to buy my spells because they can get an adept drop. Speaking of which, the only time I can sell my wares and "enjoy" the game is while I'm asleep. Hey, guess what? A lot of other people sleep at the same time I do. If I do decide to give up a day to sell, those I sell to are out adventuring and don't like to waste their time coming back to town to purchase my goods. Its a lose-lose situation that needs considerable tweaking.I got more, but I'm sure if I say much more the post will get wiped (if this isnt enough to do so already).
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 Wow, I like this guy. Instead of the usual we're nerfing everything people like to fit our "Vision," They're making changes that the majority of people have been asking for. After almost quitting i think i'll hang around and see if they deliver.
P.S.      How about allowing transfers between servers? I for one dont mind paying a fee to be able to join up with friends who came into the game on a different server.
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How about a way to make decent coin without having to spend infinity hours selling crap and leaving my computer on all the time?
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for the people yelling about crafting. i mean c'mon, do you really want them to touch it again? i mean think about it lol
they are giving us a cookie here have paitence we might get another one with crafting soon
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im glad to hear the new dungeon instance will also be avl for ppl that duo or solo,thats why i mised from the last 2,that u needed 3 players or more 2 enter.
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Markusdark wrote:
Nice message.  Guess time will tell if the goods are delivered - as he said in the letter "That's an easy enough thing to say, and talk is cheap. (Typing promises on a web page on the internet is, arguably, cheaper.)"
I, for one, won't be waiting around.  Had enough of "here comes the changes" and then waiting.  Maybe they will be a bit faster this time, who knows.
Oh, and BTW:
"Since launch, we've added dozens of new quests and hundreds of new NPCs all over the world, aimed at providing soloists and small groups with more interesting things out there to do."
I have never seen anything "more interesting" for the soloist (aside from such manditory quests to advance as Citizenship) than, "Get my broom, here's a rock."

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You are absolutely right, but I'm willing to give them 3 strikes before they are out.   Hopefully, this patch will be a hit instead of Strike 2.
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Moorgard wrote:
Our new Senior Producer, Scott Hartsman, has just posted his first Producer's Letter on EQ2Players.com. Please have a look and post your thoughts here.
We have some exciting changes coming to the game in the weeks ahead, starting with a significant boost to solo and small group XP in tomorrow's update! SMILEY

Message Edited by Moorgard on 01-25-2005 02:00 PM

It is great that the new senior producer started to posted his thoughts in form of producer's letter and ask for players comments. I think SOE is moving in the right directions.

Speaking for myself, while I enjoy the game so far, I have some concerns about the whether EQ2 can hold my interests for very long as there are more and more interesting titles coming out into the market. The letter while address some issues, it leave me with several observations and comments I would like to make.

1) Too much focus is placed on experiences points and leveling. While leveling is an important elements in any RPG, it shouldn't be the principal factor in a game. There are too many play styles ranging from causual players to power players and hardcore. While causual players will like to gain experience quickly and easily, many power players and hardcore players will not. So focusing on experiences will only keep some people happy and making other unhappy.

2) You're forgetting about having fun. People play game to have fun. Killing bugs and snake at level 20+ in TS isn't what I called fun. Even if it give me 1 level per bug, it is still dull. A bit of imagination go a long way. A bit of variaty in monsters and more story will greatly increase the fun factor in EQ2.

3) Way too much grinding. I only visit the forum during down time in game or when I need to check on clues. The fact that I have left over 145+ messages since I started playing this game would suggested that I have too much downtime. Personally, I would like to play the game instead of coming to the forum.

4) Lack of quality. The name Sony stand for quality in the electronic market. I own many Sony products because I know I am buying quality. However, I can't say the same for SOE. EQ2 is buggy. It feels like it is developed on some kind on rapid development cycle and the updates are rushed out the door before it is fully tested. While I appreciate bugs are being fixed quickly, I would prefer if they never happen in the first place.

5) Lack of communication. It is great SOE provide forums and websites but the contents often don't say much. Is it too expensive to hire profession writers to do a more extensive articals on different aspects of the games?

6) Unfair reward system. Currently, in my observisions the reward system seems to gear toward rewarding power players. Most mob drops are better than player crafted items. Also if you are in a guild what you can buy is limited to your quild level, this also benefited hardcore raiding guild more than more causal guilds. Can't most guild items like armours (guild uniforms) be based on the cost of the status points? I do agree that certain status items should be based on guild level such as mounts.

7) Adventure pack. From the very little information on this topic, it sound like a good idea. Here is a chance to provide a story drive adventure for solo players or players who have small group. Many single players games offer a strong story line where the players are immersed in the story - when players are enjoying themselves they are less likely to look at the experience bar and calculating thing like "that kill this crab will give me .05% toward my next level".


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This combined with Moorgards post on a huge armor revamp to give more uniqueness and variety as soon as next week (on test at least) is very heartening, Im very glad to hear that things will finally be changing for the better. I must remind myself that eqlive when it first came out was nothing like it was a year or two after (though the much later things starting with luclin lost the feel in my opinion of old eq days) I hope this is a start to changes for the better from SOE.
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First I want to say, that the letter sounds good for me in many terms and I think EQ2 will be better from week to week.
I hope the Adventure Packs whould be some like Nectropolus Castle or more. This is a very nice Dungeon with a lot of Fun you can get. And I hope that this Adventure Packs will reflect that there are not only Raidgroups or full groups in the game. Maybe it is possible to calculate the Instance after checking the group, so everybody who buy this packs will be able to have fun with this packs. Solo-Players, half-groups and full groups.
I missing any statements about the international versions of EQ2. I know, there are a lot of problems and bug fixes SOE makes, but it is time to check the translated versions. It is clear, a project like EQ2 can't be translated in every sentence but some thinks should be fixed as soon as possible.
1. Name of Persons should not be translated. The game use more than one translation of a name in the game. One time the game use the english version, one time german version 1 and an other time german version 2 or 3. That is horrible in quests, you can't find the quest related Persons or Places.
2. Name of Recipes, Speels and Items should be translated only once, if they should be. We have more than one name for the same item, recipe or Spell in the game.
I think the non english community will have a translated version as soon as possible but it will prefer a version mixed with english and german (or french) when a think will only have one name. Not 2 or 3 or more.
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First I want to say, that the letter sounds good for me in many terms and I think EQ2 will be better from week to week.
I hope the Adventure Packs whould be some like Nectropolus Castle or more. This is a very nice Dungeon with a lot of Fun you can get. And I hope that this Adventure Packs will reflect that there are not only Raidgroups or full groups in the game. Maybe it is possible to calculate the Instance after checking the group, so everybody who buy this packs will be able to have fun with this packs. Solo-Players, half-groups and full groups.
I missing any statements about the international versions of EQ2. I know, there are a lot of problems and bug fixes SOE makes, but it is time to check the translated versions. It is clear, a project like EQ2 can't be translated in every sentence but some thinks should be fixed as soon as possible.
1. Name of Persons should not be translated. The game use more than one translation of a name in the game. One time the game use the english version, one time german version 1 and an other time german version 2 or 3. That is horrible in quests, you can't find the quest related Persons or Places.
2. Name of Recipes, Speels and Items should be translated only once, if they should be. We have more than one name for the same item, recipe or Spell in the game.
I think the non english community will have a translated version as soon as possible but it will prefer a version mixed with english and german (or french) when a think will only have one name. Not 2 or 3 or more.
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Well, well, well... it's been interesting reading this letter and all the comments.
Now I have to say what are my biggest problems with eq2 in the first half of the game:
- This game is too level-centered: mobs go from being still challenging to totally gimped in 1 level, when they go from the lower possible green con to the grey con. I think this is totally wrong, but probably is too hard to change now, guess we'll have to live with it. Having high level people greying out mobs for others is possibly one of the worst features I have witnessed.
- Bugs: being a veteran EQ1 player I can tell you what was the most annoying feature for over 4 years: bugs. Nothing like wasting hours and hours of time clearing a whole place to have a mob go under the world, despawn, out of range when 1 inch from you etc.
There are a lot of feedbacks in game and on these boards about bugs, some from myself too, and they persist in game, day after day, week after week. I don't care about naming my baby dragons, nor to get more solo content, I want stuff that works first of all.
- Solo content: I see the point of soloers wanting more stuff to do, but my humble opinion is that they probably don't realize they want some different way to do stuff. I gave up soloing as it was not fun at all, I could predict the outcome of the fight just by targeting a mob. The order in which I click the hotkeys is always the same. Lack of strategy required in fight is my biggest gripe vs. soloing, not lack of content.
- Sorry, can't speak for tradeskills as I don't like the mini game for doing them in EQ2. I can understand why the artisans are unpleased tho. Who's gonna buy bags when you can quest 20 slots bags? Who's gonna buy weapons if they are rarely worth the materials used to make them and provide little to no gain to weaponsmith? Armor? Is not enough that level 20 AQ is superior to crafted one, but since the change in tradeskills, it's almost pointless money-wise trying to create pristine carbonite armor.
Spells are even worse. Before nerf, I could as a level 9 crafter, make the apprentice 3 of the newbie spells, levels 1-10. It was nice with my main character to craft these upgrades for the alt characters I wanted to try, with low cost too as I was harvesting all I needed by myself. After nerf it was good if I could make an apprentice 2, which is totally pointless to create, players should just make 3 and upper.
- Spells: adept 1 drop rates. Are we going back to the days of Malo and Torpor? Oldtimers know what I mean, but we are approaching there... some spells just do not exist as adepts and if they do, they drop in Qeynos based zones for Freeport players and Vice-versa. Don't tell that's an incentive to travel please, more likely to use the Fence brokering skills.
Anyway, fix bugs first, add content later is my suggestion.
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Sounds all well and good since I play solo late nights and in small groups with guildies... But I have a major problem with all of this- My guild has seen our guild level drop with the last big patch (without any members leaving the guild), some players even lost all of their guild standings, and the other night I saw us loose more guild level! We have done a few things to try to get this fixed: 1) CS tickets 2) Bug Reports 3) Talked to GM's on chat 4)  Even called SOE....And was told we would be contacted and such. Now that a few weeks have passed since the problem started nothing has been done or even an email sent to us to explain. I saw similar problems in EQ1 and took years to be fixed if at all. So it's great your expanding the game but how about fixing a major problem first? In my opion the CS Tickets are a big waste of time....gm's give answers that have nothing to do with the problems and lock the ticket so we cant respond without starting a new ticket. And as for being told by a GM  in chat channel you will be conntacted ...thats a nice way to brush us off. Well now  one more major problem imo is  on the Character lookup section  that we use too look up are stats and such, for 2 days now npcs that I have killed aren't added too my total and the damage it says you do with your weapons is way off; and since I'm paying extra for this can it be fixed soon? Were a small guild and dont want to be brushed off like was done in EQ1( bigger guilds got what they wanted and needed before anyone else.  Btw  the guild is Legends of Lore on Butcherblock:  dont forget us little people  we enjoy the game just like alot of others, Thanks

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I was very glad to read that letter, I haven't played for over a week now cause I don't want to be forced constantly to be in a big group to adventure, and not happy about the drab tradeskill shops, useless drab homes, and having to just sit doing nothing while I sell.
I can understand some monster lairs needing a large group...but not all over the land and in every part of the dungeon.
So it does give me hope to read that letter, and I'd pretty much given up hope.
Now if we can just convince you to let us get solo status points and use them to put workshops in our rooms, secure chests in our rooms...preying big time for housing zones...( badly want a home with a yard )....and sell while we are signed in the game doing other things...than along with the solo or small groups and those changes...I'd be set to play and pay for years SMILEY
I paid UO for 8 years for 7 accounts...so if i'm happy...than I glady pay. 
But the way things was going here...I was thinking a month or 2 would be the most I'd pay to play here.
I really badly do want the game to be something I want to sign on to all day everyday..and know for months and months to come I feel that...if not even years feel that way.....
So reading that letter...and reading how the devs are tring to come up with fun and unique things for us to do and experience is helping me to get my hope back SMILEY
I would like to add that one thing I've seen from reading many forum posts is...there are 3 basic player types....
Players that like to adventure in big groups
Players that do not like to adventure in big groups
Players that like to be tradesmen and do alittle adventuring
So if you could find a way to make all 3 groups happy...than I think you will of found the winning combination for this online game SMILEY

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Gettign warmer, but I stıll think it's a fundemental design error to have separate 'solo' and 'group' content. All content should be playable either by high level soloists or groups of lower level characters. To make this possible:1. Dynamic con system based on relative strenghts of MOBs and players.2. Dynamic drop table frequency scaling based on the results of 1.would be neccessary. Additionally, to make everything work better:3. More subdivision of current zones into in smaller zones withb instancing (with faster load times and/or chaching). The zones like SH should not look like a singles bar at happy hour. I should only see 1-2 other groups/players per _hour_ instead of having to barge through 3-4 full groups trying to farm the main hall at the same time. As groups walked in these mini-instances, the first member to enter a zone would trigger an auto selection process (transparent to players) and all subsequently entering members would be put in the same mini-instance. The selection would stick for a few hours so that a group exploring a zone would create its own version of it as it crawled through it.4. No greying out of lower level MOBs and adjustment of hit probabilities of lower level creatures vs higher level players. (Everything can hurt but also gives xp and drops quest items.)5. More dynamic MOB behaviour (everything walks on random paths, much wider spawn areas, mobs help nearby similar MOBs etc).6. Ability to split groups of MOBs through stealth or other tactics to take them on by one one.
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Pitt Hammerfist wrote:
he still didnt mention anything about updating the gfx engine, somewhere the word mustnt be getting through.

What message is that? I have been following this game for years, beta tested it and played since release. Yours is the first reference I have seen to someone saying the graphics engine needed to be upgraded. Thus there is probably a could reason why the word isn't getting through, because 1) the word is non-existant, 2) the word doesn't really need to exist.
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I would like to see more linked spawns. Here is what I mean by that. Lets say that you know that a Rare Named Mob spawns in a certain room in a dungeon. In order for that mob to spawn, you have to clear certain mobs in the surrounding areas, not just in that room. I'm too tired to type out a detailed post but hopefully you understand what I mean. My main point is that I love rare named spawns but dont force us to sit in one spot to camp them. Make us move around to kill mobs in the surrounding areas that are linked to the named spawn. This will create two things...A more dangerous experience because now we have to move around and kill things and it will save us from boredom of sitting in one spot. Also, randomize mob(normal and rare) spawn locations/times so you dont know exactly where or when it is going to pop.
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This sounds very good!
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As a player who's on the verge of quitting this could be very good news. But like whats been said we will have to see how it turns out..

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Sounds good.Thanks for the explanation of the whole feedback process as well. Being open about stuff like that can never hurt.
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Sorry for my bad english but i'm a german...
A Crafter's Cry...
While the Letter sounds really great for all the Adventurers out there it sounds more like another Nail in the Coffin of pure Crafters with all this coming Loot which will be better then everything a Crafter can build at the same Level.
While there is an infinite number of Mobs an Adventurer can get Loot from a Crafter is bound to finite number of Players. With the latest price changes the NPC buy prices are much lower then what a crafter has to pay to create an item, one example out of hundreds: a player crafted Packet of Spice is much more expensive then the one from the Wholesaler.
Since a Crafter has to make thousands and thousands of products to grow up he always will have a significant loss since there never will be enough buyers. Please change the prices again so that the crafters at least will have a break even when selling back to NPC's.
Adventurers have the chance of constant chest drops, rare loots, ultra rare loots... and the crafters? Nothing... how about building in chances that you will produce something better? E.g. a semi rare chance to get a trash product together with what you have build which sells for some coin, a rare chance to produce an item which is better then pristine (+x to all stats), and a ultra rare chance to get a completely different very valuable Item?
Crafting pristine is now harder and more energy consuming then before which is ok but you forgot that a real pure crafter has a very small energy pool... how about selling some crafter only clothes (no ac, no other stats but pure + energy and in higher levels some boosts on crafting skills which can only be equipped with a high enough crafting level) with normal look like the clothing of the various bankers out there? Or include recipes for this clothes to the essential books...
While Adventurers can take city tasks from four NPC's crafters are bound to only one... please give us more!
While Adventurers can get Quests from hundreds of NPC's crafters only have two tasks they can make.... please give us more!
So solo and small group Adventurers now will get more experience which is great but how about the crafters? We are bound to work together since no crafter can make a final product without the help of other profession crafters. So what about giving us an experience bonus of any kind too?
You make the game better and better... for the adventuere player... and you made it harder for the crafters. Please don't forget to make the game better for the crafters too!
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Great to see what you have planned for the game, hope we see more feedback like this in the future. SMILEYWH
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Excellent news.
Thanks for listening. I know I probably fedback 2 or 3 times a day the suggestion to make solo and duo instances for the pocket zones SMILEY
Good to hear we are being listened to.
I've always believed that an mmorpg can cater to solo, duo and higher group and satisfy all, it's great to see you are about to turn EQ2 into a game to caters to ALL player types and not just groupers.
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I like you're addressing those problems. But... what about crafting?
You are gonna increase the dropped stuff, so that means that even more stuff better than the crafted equipment will flood the market. What are you gonna do with crafting then?
Do you plan to completely shut it down for Weaponsmiths, Armorers, Woodworkers, Jewelers and Tailors ?

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