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This update should occur around 7pm PST.





Level scaling zones should now present a little more challenge to players over level 90.


The Down Below

Evacuation and Respawn areas have been moved to a more appropriate location within the zone.


Qeynos Capitol District

Hegrenn, furniture merchant in Qeynos Capitol District, has had a change in offerings including the addition of house items that were previously available in the Qeynos hamlets.



Maayla A'nadir now sells generic red slot adornments, rather than class specific ones.





The Sandstorm proc "Hidden Strikes" is now a hidden effect.


PvP Updates


Veil of Notes now lasts for 12 seconds in PVP combat.

Bladedance now lasts for 10 seconds in PVP combat.



Tortoise Shell now lasts for 10 seconds in PVP combat.



Nullmail's triggered effect duration has been reduced to 8 seconds in PVP combat.



Dust Storm now lasts for 4 seconds in PVP combat.



Spiritual Foresight - the group AOE immunity proc now has a 5% chance of proccing in PVP combat.



Mystical Field now lasts for 15 seconds in PVP combat.



Advance Warning now lasts for 10 seconds in PVP combat.




Pennant of the Royal Guard, Pennant of the Concordium, and Pennant of the Celestial Watch are now ceiling hanging house items.

Sharpened Dracurian Talon - Dracurian is now spelled correctly.




History of the Koada'Dal, Part I - Is now updated in Qeynos Province District.

Fire and Feathers - The quest description now accurately describes the quest's objective.

Closing the Black Market - Kajiz now has a quest icon.

Of Clocks and Clankers - Kyle Antihilus Bayle no longer repeats his speech, once he starts it.

If you exit dialogue with Casey inside the Wedding Hall after completing “Loose Lips Find Ships,” you can now speak to him again to start the following quest in the series.

Unlikely Allies: Undead will now spawn from rifts more reliably within Starcrest Commune: Shattered Sanctum.

Added an NPC to give you Lilly's letter if you accidently delete yours before you get her quest. Messenger Tibald will have your letter.

Changed the appearance on the plates For Where Help is Needed

Murrar Shar should properly update "A Light of Hope" now.

Fire and Bite - You now put out the fires with an animation of a cauldron of water!

A Body to Die For - The exit from the instance "Ironforge Family Catacombs" has returned!

Blood for Blood - Daylia the Vigil now has the quest offer icon.

Blood for Blood - Quest helper text now says, "Enter the Qeynos Guard Barracks."

Blood for Blood - Quest helper text now says, "Return to Field Marshal Vishra in Elddar Grove" to alleviate confusion with other versions of Vishra.

Kaedrin Ironforge's Trial - Queen Antonia Bayle's location is now marked on the map.

Kaedrin's Fate - Kaedrin is no longer able to be accidently slain.

Lilly should be properly interactable when she is in front of the crypt entrance.

Kyles worshippers will now flee once he is defeated in the crypt.

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